Atmosphere IoT Starts Supporting ESP32

Shanghai, China
May 4, 2018

Espressif Systems and Atmosphere IoT have teamed up to deliver more robust and easy-to-develop IoT solutions for everyone.

We are delighted to announce that Atmosphere IoT has started supporting ESP32. Atmosphere IoT is a robust platform for creating, deploying, and managing smart-connected devices. Atmosphere enables users to bring their IoT solutions to market quickly, affordably and securely through a complete end-to-end experience. 

Cloud-enabled embedded applications on ESP32 can now use the Atmosphere platform and enjoy all it has to offer. The most important advantages for ESP32 users include:

  • simultaneous development of the firmware, application interface and cloud capabilities;
  • drag-and-drop style of development;
  • device management/monitoring through a browser-based software or mobile app.

Espressif’s contribution to this collaboration will be based on its flagship chip ESP32, which provides powerful solutions for any IoT deployment. ESP32 combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth-Low-Energy connectivity on a microcontroller unit which can interface with other systems through SPI/SDIO or I2C/UART. ESP32 also achieves ultra-low power consumption with fine-grained clock gating and dynamic power scaling. 

Previously a part of Anaren, Inc., Atmosphere IoT offers the fastest and simplest way to create, deploy, and manage complete device-to-cloud solutions. Atmosphere IoT has already helped thousands of developers and OEMs to build and deploy wireless-enabled connected product solutions. With highly competitive prices, Espressif Systems aims to enhance the accessibility of this wireless technology and help customers streamline their designs with greater efficiency on all levels. Since Espressif and Atmosphere IoT share a wide range of values and goals, it was only a matter of time for both companies to develop a common ground on their platforms.

ESP32 users who want to try the Atmosphere IoT platform will find the getting-started guide here. A trial is available with a limit of five devices, and 10 MB per device.

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