Espressif Systems Releases New Audio Solutions

Apr 11, 2018

Espressif’s new ESP32-LyraT Dev Board and Audio Development Framework help users accelerate time to market and reduce the development cost of dual-mode (Wi-Fi+Bluetooth) audio solutions.

Espressif's Audio Development Framework (ADF)

Espressif’s  open-source ADF is based on FreeRTOS, which is a lightweight, scalable and  flexible operating system, supporting  multiple codec ICs, codec formats, audio formats and cloud platforms. 

Espressif’s ADF also supports a variety of functions, including peripheral control with keys, touch buttons, BLE/SmartConfig network configuration, live audio streaming, audio playback, FileSystem, audio protocols such as DLNA, as well as smart interactive functions, such as offline/online voice recognition, voice wake-up, acoustic echo cancellation, continuous dialogue and voice control. Espressif’s ADF comes with highly-flexible APIs for custom product development and other easy-to-use APIs which speed up the overall process of product development. With the flexibility provided by Espressif's ADF, users can select the functional components that meet the needs of individual developers and/or businesses. 

Espressif’s  ADF allows access to cloud platforms, such as DuerOS, Joylink, Alink, Turing, AWS, AVS, and iFlytek Cloud. This increased cloud accessibility serves the diverse requirements  of such applications  as smart speakers, story-telling toys  and smart voice controlled devices.

ESP32-LyraT Development Board 

ESP32-LyraT is Espressif’s new development board which operates in conjunction with the ADF. The new dev board supports voice wake-up, while also having a wake-up key, which is an ideal combination for voice interactive applications. The board integrates the ESP32-WROVER module which includes a dual-core 32-bit processor and 4.5 MB of operating memory. With this development board, only few peripheral devices are required for implementing a highly-integrated audio solution. 

Key Supported Features: 

  • A variety of mainstream, both lossy and lossless, compressed audio formats, including M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, OPUS, MP3, etc. 
  • One-key configuration and wake-up from the standby mode.
  • SoftAP and Station mode.
  • Various wireless protocols: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Classic BT and BLE.
  • A series of audio inputs, including Wi-Fi, BT-audio, DLNA, Line-in, etc. 
  • BLE network configuration, and smart network configuration with apps, such as WeChat.
  • Two microphones for the development of near-field and far-field voice recognition applications.
  • Peripherals for differentiated demands.

The highly integrated ESP32-WROVER module, around which ESP32-LyraT is built, brings about a significant cost advantage. Espressif Systems provides a complete set of chip/hardware/software/cloud/production services to help customers reduce the cost of hardware and software development. 

Outstanding Customer Support  

Espressif Systems' Business Support team consists of bilingual professionals and engineers (fluent in Chinese and English) specializing in industrial automation, wearable devices, smart home and audio solutions. The team is committed to delivering accurate and timely technical support to all of our customers. You can contact our Business Support department by filling in this online form

For More Information  

Visit Espressif's official ADF webpage. 

Download the ESP32-LyraT User Guide from Espressif Systems' official website. 

Go to Espressif Systems' offical online store to purchase the ESP32-LyraT development board

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