Fake News About Espressif Systems…Again!

Shanghai, China
Aug 6, 2018

A fake piece of news about Espressif appeared today on and

On Monday, August 6th, it was brought to our attention that a piece of fake news about Espressif  Systems was circulated by and, falsely claiming that our company was acquired by the Alibaba Group. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that this rumor emerges. On April 20th, the same fake information was widely circulated on Chinese media. 

On this note, Espressif Systems' PR and Media Department wishes to reiterate that: 

“Any rumors about Espressif’s acquisition by the Alibaba Group could not be further from reality. Dispersing this kind of fake news does a tremendous disservice not only to news readers, but also to the maker community and the IoT industry around the world. Espressif Systems is, and intends to remain, an independent company, specializing in highly-integrated, low-power, Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth SoCs. We serve, and are inspired by, the global maker community, which we shall continue providing with open-source code, as well as with fast, secure and green IoT technologies. Therefore, we should like to emphasize that the news about Espressif Systems being acquired by the Alibaba Group is utterly fake. 

Espressif Systems immediately reported this to and Thankfully, the fake news on was deleted a few hours later. Sadly, it is still online on the other platform.”

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