Gear Up for the ESP32-based RIoT in Bandung, Indonesia

Shanghai, China
Aug 17, 2017

A transnational high-tech event in South-East Asia, based on ESP32, will be held in Bandung, on August 23-27, under the aegis of the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Register now!

The moment that everyone has been waiting for in South-East Asia is just around the corner! Next week, on August 23-27, the culmination of a series of IoT events centred around ESP32, previously held in Jakarta, Bogor, Semarang, Surabaya and Medan, will now take place in Bandung. Indonesian IoT company DycodeX and the maker community surrounding it, Ma{k}estro, in collaboration with Malaysian MyIOTC, an IoT Consortium formed by 7 Malaysian high-tech companies, are organizing a five-day IoT event, called the Republic of IoT (RIoT)

This event is comprised of a three-day IoT seminar, open to everyone in South-East Asia’s maker community, leading to a two-day hackathon aimed at unleashing local makers’ creative powers. Registered hackathletes will compete across 14 different categories, ranging from smart farming and education to industrial IoT and e-commerce. They will bring to life projects that could potentially materialize the futuristic concept of “smart nation”, whereby technology-imbued communities will be employing the Internet of Things to solve people’s everyday problems.

Anyone and everyone who is both a maker and a visionary willing to contribute to the “smart nation” project is highly encouraged to register and attend the RIoT event. Due to high public demand, the deadline for project submissions to the RIoT Hackathon has been extended until August 18, 2017, whereas registration for attending the RIoT Seminar is open until August 23, 2017. Prospective participants can register for free, both for the RIoT Seminar and the RIoT Hackathon, on the event’s official website

So, make sure you do not miss out on participating in this amazing IoT event!

Espressif is honoured to be the focal point of this event, which will be featuring ESP32 as its main system on chip. ESP32 can interface with other systems, providing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality through SPI / SDIO or I2C / UART interfaces. The high level of integration that ESP32 offers, with its in-built antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low-noise receive amplifier, filters and power management modules, enhances the versatility of any IoT project it brings to life. It also requires minimal PCB area and achieves ultra-low power consumption, with a combination of several types of proprietary software. As such, ESP32 is suitable for mobile devices, wearable electronics and IoT applications.

These advantages of ESP32 have made it so appealing to DycodeX that they created an ESP-based development board, called ESPectro32, which will also be widely used during the RIoT event. ESPectro32 has a built-in USB TTL CP2104 that allows users to program the board easily and quickly. Utilizing ESPectro32’s Neopixel LED and LED Matrix with the Charlieplexing method, developers can further expand ESPectro32 by taking advantage of such features as the built-in Bluetooth v4, MicroSD card, etc.

Espressif is a proud sponsor of the 2017 RIoT, providing all necessary hardware for this event. We hope all participants have a great time at the 2017 RIoT in Bandung, and that the event itself inspires the maker community across South-East Asia.

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