Great Success for the AWS Workshop with ESP Dev Boards

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Jul 5, 2018

The event took place in San Francisco and was attended by an enthusiastic audience of embedded engineers, firmware developers and cloud developers.

The AWS Lofts are workshops for startup engineers and developers, where they can meet in a relaxed atmosphere, work on their apps, attend educational sessions and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions –all at no cost. At the end of June 2018, AWS partnered with Espressif to host a one-day IoT Workshop in San Francisco. The event was focused on using Amazon FreeRTOS, an IoT operating system for microcontrollers, with Espressif’s ESP32-DevKitC, which is an Amazon FreeRTOS qualified development kit. 

During the a:FreeRTOS workshop, AWS’ presenters Anton Shmagin (Partner Solutions Architect) and Gavin Adams (Specialist IoT Solutions Architect) offered their hands-on experience of configuring a:FreeRTOS source code examples, compiling, and flashing to ESP32-DevKitC. They also showed how to use AWS cloud services, such as the AWS IoT Core, in order to build and operate a connected microcontroller-based device. All participants were provided with an ESP32-DevKitC and a sensor extension board. People who were not able to attend this event can find here  and here the slides that were shown on the day.

Espressif Systems and AWS have had a successful collaboration in producing cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology since AWS re:Invent 2016. This was further consolidated with such projects as the IoT Drink Dispenser using ESP32, and Espressif’s attendance at the AWS Pop-up Loft in San Francisco in November 2017, which showcased the ease of connecting ESP32 boards to AWS IoT in just a few lines of JavaScript using Mongoose OS.

As of May 15th, Espressif Systems’ ESP32-DevKitC and ESP-WROVER-KIT have been officially qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS. Users can now take advantage of a:FreeRTOS features and benefits for microcontrollers, using the above-mentioned development boards from Espressif. This enables users to easily and securely connect their ESP32-based devices to AWS cloud services, such as AWS IoT Core, or to edge devices running AWS Greengrass. ESP32-DevKitC is an entry-level development board, and ESP-WROVER-KIT is a development board that has support for LCD, MicroSD card, and USB JTAG interface. They come in two variants, either with the ESP32-WROOM-32 or the ESP32-WROVER module. Users can get started with Espressif’s ESP32 and Amazon FreeRTOS by downloading the code from GitHub.

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