IoT Seminars by Espressif India in Pune

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Jun 5, 2018

The recent IoT meet-up about FreeRTOS was so successful that there will be a complementary session on Saturday, June 9th. So, register now!

Espressif’s branch in Pune has started offering the local community of developers a series of seminars regarding the Internet of Things. These monthly sessions are scheduled for the last Saturday of every month and are announced on, where prospective attendees are also asked to register before getting to the venue. Every session includes a couple of technical presentations, followed by demonstrations of exciting projects from the IoT community in Pune.

The last seminar took place on May 26th, and was focused on FreeRTOS, the popular real-time kernel for embedded systems. More specifically, this session covered such questions as:

  • Why use an RTOS? What’s wrong with my “baremetal” approach?
  • How does an OS work? (threads/tasks, timers, networking stack, queues/mutexes/semaphores)
  • Porting - Alternatives to FreeRTOS (μC/OS, NuttX, Mynewt, Zephyr).

The entire session is summarized in the following blogpost:

However, the Q&A session after the presentation about FreeRTOS and microcontrollers was so lively that only a part of the questions could be answered properly. Hence, there will be a follow-up session this coming Saturday, June 9th, from 10:00am to 1:00pm, which intends to cover the remaining questions about FreeRTOS and microcontrollers. Do not miss out on attending what promises to be yet another exciting IoT meet-up! Please, note that places are limited, so you need to register in advance to avoid disappointment.

IoT Pune

IoT Meetup in Pune about FreeRTOS on May 26th

Espressif’s team in Pune will continue hosting its regular IoT meetups on the last Saturday of every month. So, after the special FreeRTOS session on June 9th, do expect another one on June 30th, which will be dedicated to “Security and the Internet of Things”. This is a hotly-debated topic at the moment, since security issues can affect everyone using the Internet. However, there is little practical information that could be useful to Internet users. The IoT meet-up on June 30th will try and cover this gap by providing an evaluation of the typical security attack vectors and the hardware/software patterns that can be applied in case of a security emergency. As ever, please register here, if you are planning to attend this session.

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