Look Out for the New ESP32-Sense Kit

Shanghai, China
Feb 5, 2018

Our new ESP32-Sense Kit is coming soon! Check out the details.

The ESP32-Sense Kit is a new touch-sensor development kit produced by Espressif Systems. It can be used for evaluating and developing the touch-sensing functionality of ESP32. The ESP32-Sense Kit consists of one motherboard and several daughterboards. The motherboard is made up of a display unit, a main control unit and a debug unit. The daughterboards can be used in different application scenarios, since the ESP32-Sense Kit supports a linear slider, a duplex slider, a wheel slider, matrix buttons, and spring buttons. Users can even design and add their own daughterboards for special use cases.

The picture below provides an overview of the ESP32-Sense Kit. The wheel slider, linear slider, duplex slider,  motherboard, spring buttons, and matrix buttons, are shown in a clockwise direction.

ESP32-Sense Kit, small

Chinese readers can find a video introducing the ESP32-Sense Kit here. Our international readers can access the same video by clicking here.

Related Resources

  • ESP32 touch-sensor design: It is the reference design manual of the ESP32 touch-sensing system.
  • ESP32-Sense Project contains programs for the ESP32-Sense Kit, which can be downloaded to the development board to enable the touch-sensing function.

Software Environment Set-up

  • ESP-IDF is the SDK for ESP32. Get Started provides information on how to set up the ESP32 software environment.
  • ESP-Prog is the ESP32 debugger.

Technical Support

  • If you need technical support regarding the ESP32-Sense Kit, you can submit a "new issue" here, clearly marking its relevance to the ESP32-Sense Project.

Pre-sales Questions

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