A New Book about ESP8266 in Arabic Language!

Shanghai, China
Apr 8, 2016

ESP8266 book in Arabic language by Jihad Basuni is now available.

ESP8266 is not just happening in China. It has become a worldwide phenomenon, even in Saudi Arabia, where a young hobbyist named Jihad Basuni has recently written a whole book on ESP8266.

Everyday, developers all around the world are creating projects with the ESP8266 at the center of their design; meanwhile, they share their thoughts and experience of with each other among the global community. This time, Jihad helps thousands of developers from the Arabic world get familiar with this high integrated, low power and high performance solution.

Espressif is thankful for Jihad Basuni for his contribution to the knowledge sharing of ESP8266.

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Learn more about the author:

Download this book:

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