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Third Party Resources

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Ai-Thinker ESP8266 New IDE
Windows V2.0 2016.08.04
Gizwits GAgent for ESP8266

Gizwits ESP8266 firmware supports one-stop IoT products development Gizwits GAgent communication program has been fully ported on ESP8266. With GAgent’s standard interface over the serial UART port, developers can use development tools offered by Gizwits to quickly integrate functions such as M2M connectivity, smart phone connectivity, on-the-cloud data storage and analysis, remote control, OTA upgrade and WeChat integration into their devices. The GAgent firmware also supports running in SoC mode, which gives developers the ability to use the ESP8266 both as a communication module and the main MCU for their device control. With Gizwits GAgent on ESP8266, developers can save time on the complex cloud-connecting communication development, and focus on product specific development. With a dedicated Gizwits R&D team and a growing community of developers, the GAgent firmware is upgraded regularly for bug fixing and feature enhancements.

ESP8266 IoT Development http://topic.gizwits.com/esp8266/  


About GAgent

GAgent is a cross-platform communication system for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GSM modules, connecting devices to the Gizwits IoT platform. GAgent provides two-way data communications between IoT devices, smart phones and the cloud. GAgent simplifies the process of device discovery, onboarding and data communication. Along with GAgent, Gizwits provides open source embedded code libraries, cloud API’s and smartphone app SDK’s to simplify the development process. GAgent’s features and interface are well documented on Gizwits’ online documentation center. Look for these articles: “Standard Access Protocol of Gizwits Platform for MCU and Wi-Fi Module Communication”, “Standard Access Agreement of Gizwits Platform for Devices and Cloud Communication”, and “Standard Access Agreement of Gizwits Platform for APP and Devices Communication”.  


About Gizwits

Gizwits is one of the largest IoT development platforms and hosting services in the world, and a strategic partner of Espressif. Gizwits offers developers tools to quickly add connectivity capabilities to their products and access them on the smartphone and the cloud. Founded in 2006, Gizwits has become one of the most advanced IoT technology platforms, servicing nearly 1,000 enterprise customers. The platform offers free hosting for makers and hobbyists, who can also choose to upgrade to commercial grade IoT services when they are ready to turn their devices into commercial grade products. The platform supports both public and private cloud deployment. Gizwits works with Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, allowing developers to launch IoT products globally. As of August 2016, Gizwits powers over 6 million online devices, and has a growing community of over 50,000 developers. It was listed as one of the top 50 global IoT startups by Forbes Magazine, and was named one of the top 50 most innovative companies in China by Fast Company magazine.

RTOS V1.0 2017.02.14
Mongoose OS

Mongoose OS is an open source Operating System for the Internet of Things and supports both ESP32 and ESP8266.

Mongoose OS reduces time and costs of firmware development by up to 90%. It provides reliable, ready to go infrastructure for commercial products, including filesystem encryption support. Using Mongoose OS developers can code firmware either in C or JavaScript and seamlessly connects products to the preferred IoT Cloud.

Download Mongoose OS: https://mongoose-os.com/software.html

Video Tutorials: https://mongoose-os.com/#videos

Quick start Guide: https://mongoose-os.com/docs/

RTOS V1.0 2017.04.04
PlatformIO IDE for ESP8266 & ESP32

PlatformIO IDE supports both ESP32 and ESP8266.

Multiplatform V2.0 2017.08.03
SLS Yalgaar SDK for ESP32 and ESP8266
RTOS V1.0.0 2017.11.22