• ESP32-WROOM-32

    Powered by Espressif’s advanced SoC, 
    ESP32-WROOM-32 features high performance, 
    a wide range of peripherals, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio, which provide a complete solution 
    tailored to advanced IoT applications.

ESP32 Module

Compact Design

The ESP-WROOM-32, measuring 25.2mm x 18mm only, contains the ESP32 SoC, flash memory, precision discrete components, and PCB antenna to provide outstanding RF performance in space-constrained applications.


Optimized Layout

The ESP-WROOM-32 pinout is optimized, since peripheral IO pads are grouped and led out to facilitate application board design with minimal external trace routing, thus making the application even more compact.

Open and Free

We’re going open-source yet again! The ESP-WROOM-32 schematics and PCB layout are freely available for download and may be used as a design reference for developing fully-customized ESP32-based hardware designs.


Suitable for commercial application development with a robust 4-layer FCC, CE ( RED ), IC, TELEC, SRRC & KCC-compliant design and a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

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