Circuit Schematic & PCB Design Review

We offer free-of-charge reviewing services for circuit diagrams and PCB designs of products powered by Espressif's chips and modules, in order to ensure their technical accuracy and conformity to Espressif’s standards.

If you would like us to make sure that your self-designed, Espressif-based product achieves the optimal performance, please provide us with its circuit schematic and PCB design for a technical review. Our experienced team of engineers will carry out this review and come up with suggestions specifically tailored to your product.

Espressif hereby declares

that it acknowledges the confidential nature of the information required below, and will process it in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, and specific agreements (if any) between Espressif and the information provider. All confidential information will be used only by certain Espressif engineers for the purpose of conducting the technical review requested by the information provider. Upon completion of the service, any privileged information and copies or records thereof will be returned or destroyed, thus disabling any further use of this information by Espressif.

Basic Information

Please give us the email address containing your company‘s domain name.

Circuit Schematic & PCB Design Information

File formats: .pdf / .dsn / .sch. Please compress the files before uploading them.

You should provide the schematic diagram only of Espressif-powered chips / modules. Please also include any instructions on power supply and interface connections.

File formats: .pcb / .pcbdoc / .brd. Please compress the files before uploading them.

You should provide PCB designs only of Espressif-powered chips / modules.