• ACS Solution

    Integrate Amazon Device SDKs in Your
    Product with Ease

Amazon Common Software (ACS) for Devices is Amazon’s optimized software that simplifies the integration of various Amazon Device SDKs in your connected products. Espressif’s ESP32 SoC is a qualified platform for ACS, supporting it with a stable and production-ready Device Porting Kit (DPK). With ESP32 DPK, developers can implement the required API for accessing device hardware, as well as for operating system APIs and connectivity features. Combining the ESP32 DPK implementation with ACS middleware and Amazon Device SDKs provides a well-maintained and well-tested development platform for your application.


Amazon Device SDKs

Frustration Free Setup AWS IoT
ACS Middleware

ESP DPK Implementation

Connectivity API OS API Hardware API
ESP-IDF Components

Alexa Built-in Devices with ACS on Espressif’s Platform

Currently, a Frustration-Free Setup Device SDK for Alexa built-in devices is supported as part of the available Amazon Device SDKs. Espressif provides a combined software package that includes a Frustration-Free Setup Device SDK, ACS middleware, Espressif’s DPK implementation, and an example application. ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG is a development board that can be used as a hardware platform to run the Alexa built-in application based on this software. You can get started by downloading the software package.