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Advisory for Upgrading ESP-IDF for Application That Has Enabled [Auto Suspend] or [XIP from PSRAM]
V1.0 AR2023-003 Bugs 2023.09.04
Security Advisory for WFA vulnerability
V1.1 AR2021-003 Security 2023.08.25
Security Advisory Concerning Bypassing Secure Boot and Flash Encryption Using EMFI
V1.0 AR2023-005 Security 2023.07.11
End-of-Life Advisory for ESP-IDF v4.2 Release Branch
V1.0 AR2023-004 End-of-Life 2023.06.30
Bug Advisory for ESP32-C3’s Bluetooth LE Disconnection from iPhone in Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi Coexistence Scenarios
V1.0 AR2023-002 Bugs 2023.06.16
End-of-Life Advisory for ESP-IDF v4.1 Release Branch
V1.0 AR2023-001 End-of-Life 2023.03.01
Security Advisory for USB_OTG & USB_Serial_JTAG Download Functions of ESP32-S3 Series Products
V1.1 AR2022-004 Security 2022.12.21
Security Advisory Concerning Breaking the Hardware AES Core and Firmware Encryption of ESP32 Chip Revision v3.0
V2.0 AR2022-003 Security 2022.11.18
Compatibility Advisory for Chip Revision Numbering Scheme
V1.0 AR2022-005 Compatibility 2022.09.29
Optimization of eFuse Programming for ESP32 / ESP32-C3 / ESP32-S2 / ESP32-S3 Series of Chips
V1.0 AR2022-006 Application 2022.09.26
End-of-Life Advisory for ESP-IDF v3.3 Release Branch
V1.0 AR2022-002 End-of-Life 2022.02.22
End-of-Life Advisory for ESP-IDF v4.0 Release Branch
V1.0 AR2021-007 End-of-Life 2022.01.06
Unable to Boot Few ESP32-C3 Products Using Certain ESP-IDF Versions
V1.0 AR2021-006 Bugs 2021.12.24
Security Advisory on "BadAlloc" Vulnerabilities
V1.0 AR2021-005 Security 2021.10.27
Notice on Invalid KC Certification
V1.0 AR2021-T-001 Other 2021.09.28
Security Advisory for Bluetooth Vulnerability
V1.0 AR2021-004 Security 2021.08.31
Security Advisory Concerning Partitions Using Flash Encryption
V1.0 AR2021-002 Security 2021.06.10
End-of-Life Advisory for ESP-IDF v3.1 and ESP-IDF v3.2 Release Branches
V1.0 AR2021-001 End-of-Life 2021.03.09
Security Advisory concerning Wi-Fi authentication bypass
V1.0 AR2020-002 Security 2020.07.23
Security Advisory concerning fault injection and ESP32 Flash Encryption & Secure Boot V1
V1.0 AR2020-001 Security 2020.07.20

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