New ESP32-based Aromatherapy Device

Shanghai, China
Jul 31, 2017

The power of scent emanates from being strongly connected with memory; hence, the ESP32-enabled Pium, a smart aroma-diffuser, aims to improve your daily life by connecting in your mind beautiful scents with meaningful moments.

Pium is a smart device built around ESP32, controlling the diffusion of users’ chosen scents throughout the day in a way that is tailored to their needs. Pium’s scent capsules are easy-to-use and clean. In fact, the device can detect whether there are any scent capsules inside, as well as track the remaining quantity of essential oil within each capsule. More importantly, the sealed capsule design prevents the oxidation of essential oils, so the last drop will be as fresh as the first one.

There are 16 different, natural and organic scents, including rose, peppermint, vanilla and lemon, but it is envisioned that the current range of scents will increase in the near future. Pium’s scents can be diffused by being remotely controlled with an application installed on users’ mobile phones. The resulting effect on users and their personal space can stimulate various responses ranging from relaxation to positive thinking and increased productivity in the workplace.    

As the creators of Pium have put it: “Pium understands you and your daily life. In our app, we will ask a few questions to build your personal profile first, and will then recommend certain scents. With personal data from connected devices, such as your mobile phone or Amazon Echo, Pium lets you enjoy natural scents perfectly aligned with your moments”.

At the heart of Pium is ESP32, Espressif’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip which has been designed for wirelessly-connected devices. The 2.4GHz dual-core processor delivers up to 600 DMIPS. However, the definitive characteristic of ESP32 is versatility. Engineered for the modern IoT, ESP32 allows efficient interfacing with a wide range of sensors. No wonder why, then, ESP32 has been the perfect fit for a smart aromatherapy device. 

Therefore, Pium knows what users need and sets up a diffusing schedule accordingly. It reduces the diffusing intensity when they are away, and recovers this when they return. If Pium is connected to a calendar app, it diffuses scents for scheduled events automatically. Pium supports a smart voice interface with Amazon Echo, so that users can ask questions or add their favorite scents to a list. This way Pium is seamlessly blended with a number of smart home interfaces, creating a technological synergy that can have an aromatherapeutic effect on people’s psychological and physical being.

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