Educational Collaboration Between Espressif and Brno University of Technology

Espressif Systems, Brno
Sep 30, 2020

Espressif’s educational outreach program is currently expanding in Europe.

Espressif has just started a Silver Partnership with the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) at Brno University of Technology, in the Czech Republic, where Espressif’s European offices are located. This means that Espressif is one of the six companies that participate in this scheme, which is meant to provide students with the knowledge that is necessary for them to implement real-world AIoT systems.

The areas of research for the current academic year include:

    • physical security (memory encryption, secure boot)
    • protocol-level security (encrypted communication, provisioning algorithms)
    • wireless/mesh networks
    • robotics
    • image recognition

Students will work on projects based on Espressif hardware  and will eventually write Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertations focused on Espressif technologies. They will be directly advised by Espressif engineers based in our Brno offices, while their academic supervision will be conducted by Dr Kamil Malinka, Assistant Professor in the Institute for Intelligent Systems, and Mr Vaclav Šimek from the Department of Computer Systems.

Outstanding students may be offered summer internships in Espressif’s Brno offices.

In the context of Espressif’s Silver Partnership with FIT, our company will also participate in two conferences in 2021. The first one is Living IT, which is scheduled for February 2021 and is open to students, as well as IT professionals and industry experts who wish to exchange knowledge about the latest trends in Information Technology. The second conference, Excel@FIT, is a student conference focused on innovation in Information Technology and is scheduled for May 2021.

We have long been advocates of opening up STEM education to as many people as possible from as diverse a background as possible. Our collaboration with FIT is yet another example that Espressif is committed to supporting the local community of IT students —the engineers of the future. More importantly, however, Espressif Systems, as a world-leading semiconductor company specializing in AIoT systems, is always ready to offer its technological expertise for the benefit of society. This far-reaching goal is substantiated through local partnerships, such as the one we have just established with Brno University of Technology, as well as with top Universities across China during the last several years.

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