ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG Development Kit and SDK Support AVS Integration with AWS IoT Core

Shanghai, China
Mar 31, 2020

Espressif’s new ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG development kit and accompanying SDK provide a turnkey solution for easily creating Alexa built-in connected devices that provide voice enablement and AWS IoT cloud connectivity out of the box.

Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE: 688018.SH), announced today the availability of its Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integration with the AWS IoT Core for ESP32-based connected devices. This solution relies on Espressif’s ESP32 wireless system-on-chip (SoC) and DSP Group’s DBMD5P audio SoC. The resulting ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG, Espressif’s new development kit, provides seamless voice integration and cloud connectivity when creating IoT devices with a built-in Alexa Voice Service. As such, Espressif’s new solution will provide an easy, secure and cost-effective way for our customers to develop voice-controlled IoT devices.

Voice is becoming a standard way to interact with smart-home devices. There is an emerging trend to build a voice user interface (VUI) directly into smart devices, such as light switches, lamps, kitchen appliances and thermostats. Espressif’s ESP32 SoC already has a strong foothold  in connected devices and is, therefore, the natural building environment for a VUI extension.

Espressif’s new Alexa built-in solution is powered by ESP32, Espressif’s Wi-Fi+BT/BLE combo system-on-chip, which provides unparalleled IoT performance, along with robust, power-efficient and secure connectivity. ESP32 has been paired with DSP Group’s DBMD5P audio system-on-chip, which enables clearer human-machine voice interactions in microphone-equipped devices. With a 2-mic array that allows for a 360-degree pick-up, the DBMD5P audio SoC provides a superior far-field voice recognition performance with its HDClear™ technology. The combination of ESP32 and DBMD5P, then, offers not only excellent value for money, but also optimal power consumption, thus enabling use cases with battery-powered devices.

On this note, Espressif’s Founder and CEO, Teo Swee Ann, said: “In the Internet-of-Things era security and and speed are of key importance when it comes to wireless connectivity. In response, the ESP32 SoC offers not only that, but also advanced power control, Software Development Kits for all IoT applications, with a high level of integration, Wi-Fi & Dual-Mode Bluetooth, at competitive prices. The combination of ESP32 and DBMD5P will now deliver crisp and natural voice-interaction with smart-connected devices. With our Alexa built-in solution for the ESP32 and ESP32-DSPG-IoT development board, we enable and accelerate system integration, while greatly reducing design complexity and development efforts”.

“We are very excited about the debut of the ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG development kit and our collaboration with Espressif to simplify and accelerate the design of seamless, best-in-class voice services for AVS-IoT connected devices,” said Ofer Elyakim, CEO of the DSP Group. “The adoption of advanced VUI technology continues to be industry-wide across a broad swath of smart-home applications, from IoT devices and tablets to home infrastructure and consumer electronics. It absolutely requires a complete turnkey solution using best-in-class components to keep up with demand, while maintaining state-of-the-art quality and reliability. Combining our DBMD5P audio SoC with Espressif’s ESP32 multi-mode wireless MCU provides such a solution, and we look forward to delivering it to our customers to accelerate the development of VUI enabled products.”

The ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG development kit is available worldwide through our authorized distributors. Please click on our designated webpage for gaining access to the relevant SDK.

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