Golioth Qualified on Espressif’s ESP32

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Oct 29, 2021

ESP32 is recommended by Golioth as the easiest way to get started with its Cloud-connected IoT platform.

Golioth is a platform that allows device makers to deliver on the promise of Cloud-connected IoT. It enables hardware developers to build end-to-end, IoT-connected products by using their choice of hardware and connectivity; all without the need for a team of Cloud engineers.

Jonathan Beri, Golioth’s Founder, knows about these issues all too well. In his early career, he was a product leader at Nest and then Google, where he spearheaded the OpenThread OSS project. Golioth’s CTO, Vit Prajzler, was an IoT pioneer who helped build the LoRaWAN protocol at IBM Research. With such experience under their belt, Jonathan and Vit have developed at Golioth the solutions they wish they had at hand all along.

According to Jonathan, he and his team: ‘hope to solve the “impedance mismatch between hardware and cloud engineering teams” (a phrase we learned from an early user). Golioth is purpose-built for you and the hardware you develop. Enable everything that your devices need from the Cloud, including device messaging, security, updates, analytics, and more. We chose the Zephyr Project™, as the basis of our first embedded offering. Zephyr is an open-source, safe, secure, and flexible RTOS under the Linux Foundation. We offer the Golioth SDK, built on top of the Zephyr SDK, which you can use to quickly bootstrap an IoT application”.

Golioth supports the broad range of architectures, boards, and modems that are currently available in Zephyr. At the same time, Golioth has been qualified on Espressif Systems’ ESP32, which it naturally recommends as the easiest way to get started with Golioth’s own Cloud-connected IoT platform. Indeed, ESP32 continues to be a favorite SoC among Golioth developers.

A few weeks ago, Golioth participated in the Open-Source Summit, in Seattle, USA, which was an event organized by the Linux Foundation with the Zephyr Project & RISC-V Foundation. The Golioth team demonstrated unboxing a new ESP32-C3 DevKitM-1 and, then, sending data to the Golioth platform in under three minutes! This session was recorded and you can now watch the entire video here. There is also another video that solely demonstrates the above-mentioned three-minute process, which you can watch here.

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