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ESP32 Modules Now Support LittlevGL and μGFX

Shanghai, China
Jan 4, 2019

With these two new libraries, developers using ESP32 modules will find that building their own GUI gets significantly easier.

The μGFX has been designed to be the smallest, fastest and most advanced embedded library for displays and touchscreens, providing everything that is necessary for building a fully featured embedded GUI. One of the main advantages that µGFX has is that it is lightweight, because all unused features are disabled and not linked to the finished binary. Additionally, µGFX is modular, portable and has its full source code available to all users.

µGFX features at a glance:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Fully customizable and extendable
  • Highly portable
  • Supports monochrome, grayscale and full-color displays
  • Supports hardware acceleration
  • Over 50 ready-to-use drivers
  • Written in C, but it can also be used with C++
  • Free for non-commercial uses
  • Full  source code available 
  • Works on low RAM systems; a frame buffer is not required for most displays.
  • Fully multi-threading re-entrant; drawing can occur from any thread, at any time!

To get all the details about µGFX on Espressif modules, please click on here.

LittlevGL is a free and open-source graphics library, providing everything that is necessary for creating embedded GUI with easy-to-use graphical elements, beautiful visual effects and a low memory footprint. It is also a complete graphics framework, which saves users from making their own sketches. Developers’ customized GUI can be built with easy-to-use blocks, such as buttons, charts, images, lists, sliders, switches or a keyboard.

LittlevGL has the following features:

  • Powerful building blocks: buttons, charts, lists, sliders, images, etc.
  • Advanced graphical effects: animations, anti-aliasing, opacity, smooth scrolling, etc.
  • Supports various input devices: touchpad, mouse, keyboard, encoder, etc.
  • Multi-language support: UTF-8 encoding
  • Fully customizable graphical elements
  • Support for all kinds of microcontrollers and displays (hardware-independent)
  • Highly Scalable: can operate with a minimum memory (80 KB Flash, 10 KB RAM)
  • Support for OS, External memory and GPU (optional)
  • Single-frame buffer operation with the same advanced graphical effects
  • Written in C for maximum compatibility (also C++ compatible)
  • Simulator: supports embedded GUI design on PC without embedded hardware

To get all the details about LittlevGL on Espressif modules, click on here.

By adding the above-mentioned libraries to the WROOM and WROVER series of ESP modules, Espressif offers significantly enriched human-machine interfaces which allow users to have maximum flexibility in building their own GUI. The resulting applications can include various different scenarios, e.g. an audio player, a thermostat for air conditioners, a control panel for coffee makers, or video games such as Sokoban, Mine Sweeping and JustGet.

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