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ESP32-Powered DIY Wi-Fi Security Camera

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Jan 28, 2022

Young engineer Max proposes a cost-effective, DIY, wireless security camera based on the power of ESP32.

Have you ever wanted to monitor your home, garden or office, but didn’t really know how to go about it? Even though decent commercial Wi-Fi Security Cameras are not terribly expensive, they still cost much, especially when one wants to buy several of them for an entire house.

Max, a young engineering enthusiast/hobbyist writing on instructables.com, proposes how to make your own DIY Surveillance camera for approximately 15 USD per camera. The necessary supplies include:

ESP32-CAM with OV2640 2MP camera sensor

• FTDI USB to Serial converter (for programming) + Female-to-female jumper wires

• 4GB MicroSD card (TF Card)

• Clip-on antenna

• TP4056 1-cell Li-Ion Charging module

• (x2) 18650 3.7V 2600mAh battery

• Mini SPDT sliding switch (3A toggle switch is recommended)

• Some 24-gauge electrical wire

• 3mm Red LED

• 220 Ohm resistor

• Cylindrical plastic container (choice of camera's enclosure is optional)

• GoPro mount accessories (if you want your camera to be attached to a wall)

Max has carefully documented all the necessary steps for building this project and has also created an easy-to-follow YouTube video tutorial about it. So, you can add an additional layer of security to your personal or professional space with this home-made Wi-Fi Security Camera. The code and its extensions, along with additional information, specifications, possibilities and more, can be found at the ESP32-CAM MJPEG2SD GitHub repository.

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