Aimagin’s ESP32-powered Waijung 2 Released

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Nov 27, 2020

With Aimagin’s Waijung 2 you can now develop firmware for ESP32 MCUs, using Matlab / Simulink, FreeRTOS, and GNU GCC.

Aimagin is a research- and development-oriented company based in Thailand. They offer products and services in two areas, data analytics and embedded systems.

Aimagin Analytics, has been designed to help anyone accomplish tasks in a practical data analytic pipeline, such as scheduling a database connection, performing ETL and data cleaning, creating dynamic online forms for data gathering, analyzing data with built-in functions and Python, as well as producing customizable visualizations, dashboards and printed reports.

Aimagin’s new offering in the realm of embedded systems is Waijung 2, a next generation model-based development platform which automatically generates C code from Simulink model files, compiles it, and downloads .bin to ESP32 targets. Waijung 2 speeds up complex stand-alone and IoT device development, without having to write a single line of C or HTML code. Waijung 2 is available free of charge until 31 December 2020, for evaluation purposes only.

Advanced algorithms for ESP32 can be developed by taking advantage of the built-in Matlab / Simulink tools that Waijung 2 offers. Such algorithms include signal processing, image processing, control systems, finite state machine modeling (Stateflow). Without the developer having to write a single line of C code, Waijung 2 does all the hard works of generating the C code, compiling it, and downloading to ESP32. Furthermore, the Matlab / Simulink environment offers simulation and visualization capabilities that greatly facilitate interactive algorithm performance evaluation and tuning.

The key features of Waijung 2 are:

  • Support for FreeRTOS and GNU GCC cross compiler.
  • Support for dual-core ESP32 configuration (for time-critical task scheduling).
  • Support for standard ESP32 peripherals e.g. ADC, DAC, CAN, UART, I2C, SPI, etc.
  • Support for SQLite3 database running on ESP32.
  • Support for blocks of image acquisition and processing in Simulink, allowing image processing algorithms to be developed in Simulink and deployed by ESP32.
  • Support for automatic code generation and flash to target support blocks for web server in AP and Station modes.
  • Support for SD Card interface.
  • Support for Over-The-Air firmware upgrade.
  • Support for high-speed Wi-Fi and wireless hardware-in-the-loop testing.

To get all the information about Waijung 2 or download it, users should sign in or create an account on Aimagin’s website. Do not miss out on the opportunity to use Waijung 2 free of charge until 31 Dec 2020!

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