ESP8266 Listed on Tencent Cloud

Shanghai, China
Oct 31, 2019

The ESP8266 QCloud IoT AT firmware supports the quick connection of Espressif’s powerful ESP8266 module to IoT Explorer, Tencent’s Cloud IoT platform.

The recently released IoT Explorer on Tencent Cloud is a one-stop IoT development platform which helps users complete IoT application development efficiently and economically. IoT Explorer provides original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with IoT services in a hassle-free way, while it can also support module manufacturing, with video streaming and access to Tencent cloud AI, big data, mini applications and other app development capabilities. This way, IoT Explorer can help upgrade the products of the OEM industry.

Tencent’s IoT Explorer can materialize a wide variety of scenarios, including security, manufacturing, logistics, traveling, transportation, smart cities, etc. It enables users to access connected devices quickly, choose IoT Explorer services and tools, reduce expenses for product research and development, as well as improve operational efficiency altogether.

The ESP8266 QCloud IoT AT firmware released by Espressif supports the quick connection of Espressif’s powerful ESP8266 module to the Tencent Cloud IoT platform.The QCloud IoT AT firmware is applicable to all ESP8266 modules with a flash size of, or bigger than, 2MB. Users can connect to Tencent Cloud with AT commands, then, select their module type, seek purchase consultants, use the appropriate SDK code or IoT AT command protocol etc., thus greatly facilitating the development cycle, improving development efficiency and reducing the time to market.

The ESP8266 series of Wi-Fi modules is the first one supported by Tencent Cloud, which further proves the powerful performance and high integration of Espressif’s ESP8266 SoC. Espressif has unique open-source technologies, which -in combination with Tencent Cloud’s comprehensive IoT product system- will provide users with an all-inclusive, timely and cost-effective development support. The powerful combination that Espressif and Tencent offer will greatly improve our customers’ development efficiency, expand their list of scenarios for IoT application development, and benefit the Chinese IoT market as a whole.

The ESP8266 QCloud IoT AT firmware is expected to boost the use of IoT Explorer and ESP8266 in the ecosystems of both companies. At the same time, the collaboration between Espressif and Tencent will also enhance the upstream and downstream capabilities of both companies, and create a vibrant common IoT ecosystem. More importantly, however, the strengthening of the collaboration between Espressif and Tencent will give the opportunity to all developers and users to connect and interact with Cloud platforms and other devices easily, securely and economically.

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