Flowcode v9.0 Supports ESP32

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Dec 29, 2020

Flowcode now supports ESP32 MCUs, while ESP32 is completely free within the Flowcode ecosystem.

What is Flowcode?

Flowcode is an advanced integrated development environment (IDE) for electronic and electromechanical system development. Flowcode targets microcontrollers, such as ESP32 and others, as well as industrial interfaces using such protocols as Modbus and CAN.

Those with little or no programming experience can use Flowcode without any problems. In a matter of minutes, beginners can start developing electronics systems, with any of the available programming modes. Flowcode is perfect for learning and deploying key microcontroller system principles.

Flowcode v9.0 Supports ESP32 MCUs

Flowcode now allows you to target ESP32 devices and take advantage of their integrated Wi-Fi, the full TCP/IP stack and Bluetooth. This pack comes free for all users of Flowcode, allowing you to take advantage of ESP32 by using Flowcode's library of components. Use the graphical programming language with your ESP32 device to create powerful programs for your projects.

As an intuitive, graphical programming IDE, Flowcode enables users to develop complex systems quickly. Built into Flowcode is a data recorder, a packet decoder and an oscilloscope (all of which are compatible with E-blocks). This makes test and debugging procedures truly straightforward. Additionally, Flowcode is compatible with external hardware including power supplies, signal generators and more.

Flowcode includes the ability to simulate users’ programs. This way, developers working with electromechanical designs can characterize and model their designs easily. Furthermore, they can debug systems in simulation mode, before deploying them to chip level. In general, Flowcode enables users to work with multiple chip variants in an easy and flexible way, since code porting is made simple.

What’s New in Flowcode v9.0, Besides the Support for ESP32?

    • State machines

This new, graphical interface is actually a powerful programming paradigm. You can create with it new state-machine projects or enhance your existing ones.

    • New IoT components

Easily integrate your hardware into the Cloud, using Wi-Fi/LAN, and connect to a browser-based HMI, using utilities such as Thingspeak, iCloud and Mosquitto.

To get all the details about Flowcode v9.0, you can check out the relevant website and watch a video demonstrating all its new features.

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