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Espressif Launches a One-Stop Matter Solution

Shanghai, China
Jul 5, 2022

Espressif’s one-stop Matter solution can simplify and accelerate the development process of Matter products significantly. It is the culmination of our ongoing contribution to the Matter platform in various areas, including protocol formulation, core stack implementation and certification test events.

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Matter is an industry-unifying connectivity standard that has been jointly launched by industry giants, including Amazon, Apple, Google, and many other CSA members (Connectivity Standards Alliance). This protocol is designed to make devices from multiple brands work together seamlessly.

As an active CSA member, not only is Espressif among the first contributors to the standard, but it is also committed to promoting the development of Matter. Hence, many new features of Matter are supported by Espressif SoCs.

Espressif’s One-Stop Matter Solution

Espressif’s Fully-Fledged Matter Solution

Espressif is actively contributing to the Matter platform in various areas including protocol formulation, core stack implementation and certification test events. Furthermore, with our one-stop Matter solution, we provide customers with devices that cover all Matter offerings:

    1. Our Wi-Fi-enabled SoCs and modules, such as ESP32, ESP32-C and ESP32-S series, can be used for building Matter-compatible Wi-Fi devices.
    2. ESP32-H SoCs and modules integrated with 802.15.4 can be used for building Matter-compatible Thread devices.
    3. By combining ESP32-H and an Espressif Wi-Fi SoC, a Thread border router can be built for connecting Thread networks with Wi-Fi networks. Matter-Zigbee bridge devices can also be built to connect Matter and non-Matter networks.
    4. Finally, a Matter-BLE Mesh Bridge can be built on a single ESP SoC that supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, in order to connect Matter networks with Bluetooth LE Mesh devices.

Production-Ready ESP-Matter SDK

In addition to the official Matter SDK, we have released the fully-customized ESP-Matter SDK, which can further simplify and accelerate the development process of Matter products.

ESP-Matter SDK

On top of this, we will introduce special modules and product-level firmware for standard Matter devices. Licensed customers can adjust hardware and software solutions to standard Matter devices with a simple configuration, which greatly reduces R&D investment and accelerates time-to-market.

Standard Matter Device-Types

Matter and ESP RainMaker® Yield a Stronger Ecosystem

Espressif's AIoT Cloud platform, ESP RainMaker, can provide Cloud services to Matter devices, and enable the Cloud-based management of Matter devices' massive data resources. By combining the above-mentioned Matter hardware and software solutions with ESP RainMaker, we are able to provide a one-stop Matter solution that not only supports connectivity among Amazon, Google, Apple, and Espressif devices, but also provides a fully-fledged Cloud deployment through our customers' own private account. Espressif's Matter solution also offers private Cloud applications, ready-made phone apps supporting all common smart-home scenarios and voice-assistant integrations. Relying on the privatization feature of ESP RainMaker, manufacturers can even build their own brand of an IoT ecosystem, and provide more value-added services to end-customers.

As excitement about the Matter standard continues to build up, our engineers have put together a series of blogposts examining various aspects of Matter.

If you are interested in learning more about Espressif's one-stop Matter solution, please read the relevant documentation here. For the ESP-Matter SDK, you can access our GitHub repository here. If you wish to pursue a collaboration with us in Matter-related commercial projects, please contact our customer support team, who will try and assist you as soon as possible.

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