ESP Product Selector Launched

Shanghai, China
Nov 27, 2020

Choosing the ESP products you need has never been easier!

As is widely known, thus far Espressif has launched three main series of products, ESP8266, ESP32, and ESP32-S2. Each of these series includes chips, modules, and development boards, as well as the respective open-source code. In order to help users get a comprehensive understanding of Espressif's portfolio of products, we have launched an online selection tool, the ESP Product Selector. This will help users compare the similarities and differences between various Espressif products, and eventually choose whatever suits their needs best.

It is important to note that customers do not need to register with us or download the ESP Product Selector in order to use it. All they need to do is click on this link and use it, taking advantage of its simplicity and multiple benefits. The ESP Product Selector can greatly shorten the time users spend on searching for data in the early stages of product development. More generally, the ESP Product Selector has been designed to increase development efficiency and reduce the time for business communication.

The picture below shows the ESP Product Selector’s homepage. By clicking on "Start Now” users can begin using the tool.


The ESP Product Selector has the following functions:

  • Product selection: Users can set a number of parameters, and quickly locate the products they need along with relevant development resources. The picture below shows the product selection page. The selection parameters can be found on the left, while on the right appear the results and all the related resources about whatever specific product is being searched for.

Product Selection Page

  • Product comparison: When it comes to searching through multiple similar products, users can easily compare various aspects, be they hardware resources or certification qualifications. The resulting differences are listed in detail, so that users can choose exactly the product they need. The picture below shows the product comparison page. On the left is the product selection function, while similarities and differences between different products are displayed on the right. Users can click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the page for specific instructions.

Product Comparison Page

  • Solution recommendation: When using this function, the tool will propose specific Espressif solutions, such as audio, face recognition, or HMI (Human Machine Interface). Users can, then, choose the products they find most suitable, and start using them at once.
  • Pin configuration: This function can be used for configuring pins and checking any conflicts, after the selection of a chip or a module. Then, the configuration code will be generated and added to the program directly.
  • Communication: The ESP Product Selector can provide customers with the option to communicate directly with Espressif. By choosing a specific category, such as “Sales Questions”, “Technical Inquiries”, or “Get Samples”, customers can get in touch with Espressif’s business team and ask specialized questions.

At present, the ESP Product Selector can be used for product selection and product comparison only. The solution recommendation and pin configuration functions are currently under development. The tool as a whole will  continue being updated, offering more functions that will be launched as soon as possible.

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