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Espressif Is Now a QuickTrack Solution Provider Certified by Wi-Fi Alliance

Shanghai, China
Oct 5, 2022

Espressif offers customers a fast and easy path to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED status.

Device manufacturers across a number of industries including smart home, industrial control, energy management, automotive, healthcare and education technology, rely on Espressif’s chipsets to power their products’ Wi-Fi functionality. One of such chipsets is Espressif’s ESP32-C2, which is a small, cost-effective Wi-Fi 4 RISC-V SoC that delivers an enhanced radio frequency (RF) performance due to its unique design and small package. The chip’s design allows it to target simple, high volume and low data-rate IoT applications, such as smart plugs and smart light bulbs. ESP32-C2 offers easy and robust wireless connectivity, which makes it the go-to solution for developing simple, secure and reliable smart-home devices. The chip also supports Matter, a smart-home connectivity protocol that provides interoperability between devices from different brands.

By becoming a Wi-Fi Alliance solution provider, with ESP32-C2 being a QuickTrack Qualified Solution, Espressif has made it easier for customers to achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIED status for their products. This way, device manufacturers and end-product vendors can focus on their core offerings, expedite their certification process and reduce costs, while still maintaining the high-quality standards of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED brand. By relying on the ESP32-C2 chip, Espressif’s customers leverage a component that has already completed the full Wi-Fi functionality testing, which allows them to quickly and easily achieve Wi-Fi CERTIFIED status through QuickTrack. Espressif’s customers using this Qualified Solution experience faster, lower-cost testing while achieving rapid time-to-market and, therefore, boosting their competitiveness on the market.

On the occasion of Espressif becoming a QuickTrack solution provider, Espressif’s Founder and CEO said: “We are delighted to be working with Wi-Fi Alliance on QuickTrack, because it speeds up Wi-Fi certification considerably, both for us and our customers. Now any customer using Espressif’s rigorously tested Qualified Solution can obtain easy, cost-efficient access to the Wi-Fi Alliance certification testing, as well as faster time to market.”

Indeed, customers who use the ESP32-C2 chip in their products may use the QuickTrack tools to quickly test and achieve any of the following Wi-Fi certifications:

Since 2000, Wi-Fi Alliance has been driving the adoption and evolution of Wi-Fi through the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED program. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo designates products with proven interoperability, backward compatibility, and the highest industry-standard security protections in place. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices can communicate with previous and future generations of Wi-Fi technologies, enabling a seamless, interoperable experience with a multitude of other Wi-Fi devices for years to come.

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