Toit’s Cloud-managed Containers on ESP32

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Sep 29, 2021

Secure your code on ESP32 with lightweight containers, and orchestrate them through Toit’s cloud API. is a Denmark-based startup founded in 2018. They recently announced a solution to continuous firmware delivery from the device to the cloud, using Espressif’s ESP32.

Containers on ESP32

This solution allows you to continuously develop your application remotely without the risk of crashing your device. This is possible due to the unique architecture of a memory-optimized virtual machine which runs applications in sandboxed containers on ESP32.

Unique Programming Language

Toit offers a unique programming language, especially designed for embedded devices. The Toit Language is an object-oriented programming language, with a modern and simple approach which does not require a strong knowledge of the C language.

Moreover, the Toit Language works fast. According to some recent benchmarking (Richards and DeltaBlue benchmark), the Toit language is about 20 times faster than MicroPython on ESP32.

// Copyright © 2021 Toitware ApS. All rights reserved.

// Use of this source code is governed by an MIT-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.


Program measuring temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure

 with a BME280.


import gpio

import i2c

import drivers.bme280 as drivers


 bus := i2c.Bus

 — sda=gpio.Pin 21

 — scl=gpio.Pin 22

 device := bus.device 0x77

 bme := drivers.Bme280 device


 print “Temperature: $bme.read_temperature C”

 print “Humidity: $bme.read_humidity %”

 print “Pressure: $bme.read_pressure Pa”

All devices and data are accessible through Toit’s API, allowing a client application to do all public operations in the Toit console.

Using Toit’s solution, you can securely deploy multiple applications isolated from the core system, avoiding issues that could crash your device or cause an unexpected behavior.

You can safely create, update or remove any application at run-time.

Developing with Toit

Toit also offers tools that help with the development process. You can install Toit in your ESP32 directly from, and manage your device fleet via the web console or the CLI, with just a few clicks.

To help users develop, test and deploy the application, Toit has developed a VS Code Toit Extension. Using this extension, you can create the application, test it in advance, deploy it remotely and monitor it by logging in directly from the VS Code Toit Extension.

Try It Out!

To try Toit, you just need to create a new account and test it for free (up to 100MB per month). To learn more about Toit,  you can visit:

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