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Espressif at Embedded World 2023

Nuremberg, Germany
Mar 13, 2023

Espressif Systems will be an official exhibitor at Embedded World 2023, between 14 and 16 March 2023, in Nuremberg, Germany,

Exciting times lie ahead, as Espressif Systems will be an official exhibitor at Embedded World 2023. So, between 14 and 16 March 2023, Espressif's team will be in Nuremberg, Germany, among 720 exhibitors from 39 countries. The Embedded World exhibition-and-conference brings the entire embedded community together once a year, providing a unique overview of some state-of-the-art technologies in the industry.

This year, Espressif's promotional video presents the three main areas our team will focus on at Embedded World 2023:

  • Matter-compatible devices and solutions with their seamless interoperability,
  • Wi-Fi 6 technology and the ways in which it can actually be applied in the AIoT field, and
  • the HMI capabilities of Espressif SoCs.

More specifically, Espressif's team in Nuremberg will demonstrate our unique combination of high-performance hardware, software, and complete solutions, with which we make it easy for our customers to build Matter-enabled smart-home devices of various types. In fact, Espressif provides the most comprehensive solutions of this kind, including support for Wi-Fi or Thread end-point devices, Thread Border Routers, and Matter gateway reference designs. Espressif's SDK for Matter is based on the official open-source Matter SDK, and includes an easy-to-use API as well as all the required mass-production tools. Then, the ESP-ZeroCode modules, based on ESP32-C3/C2/H2, provide Matter connectivity out-of-the-box.

We also provide certificate-generation and pre-provisioning services for Matter-compatible devices, thus reducing for our customers the complexity they would otherwise face when producing such devices from scratch. On this note, it is also worth mentioning that Espressif has already helped many customers pass the Matter 1.0 certification for their products.

Additionally, ESP32-C6 combines 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 (LE) and 802.15.4, thus ensuring that any ESP32-C6-powered IoT devices have a high transmission efficiency. ESP32-C6 also supports uplink, downlink OFDMA and downlink MU-MIMO mechanisms. Its TWT (Target Wake Time) function is suitable for building ultra-low power IoT devices, so that even those powered by batteries can continue their operation for longer than usual. Last, but not least, ESP32-C6 has a high standard of security with such mechanisms as secure boot, flash encryption, digital signatures, encryption accelerators, etc.

In general, Espressif's SoCs enable a series of HMI functions, such as data visualization, touch or knob control, voice wake-up and recognition, and multi-mode gateway among other features. ESP32-S3, in particular, is suitable for RGB-interface displays with a maximum resolution of 800x480, while ESP32-C3 supports SPI-interface displays. Espressif's HMI smart displays support standard GUI development frameworks including LVGL, SquareLine Studio and QT.

In Nuremberg, we will also demonstrate ESP RainMaker (Espressif's one-stop private Cloud platform), along with ESP Insights (our remote monitoring platform), Espressif's AWS IoT ExpressLink module, the ACK SDK device, and ESP-NOW (our low-power communication protocol).

So, if you happen to be in Nuremberg from 14 to 16 March, don't forget to get your free tickets and visit our booth (Hall 3A, Booth 625). You can also book an appointment with Espressif's representatives on-site, in case you want to discuss about specific projects, products and servicesin one-to-one meetings.

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