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Don't Miss Our ESPtool Webinar on 13 April 2023!

Online Webinar
Mar 29, 2023

Espressif Webinars will be launched on 13 Apr., with a presentation on esptools.

Espressif is excited to announce a new series of online seminars designed for developers, engineers and hobbyists wishing to get a deeper understanding of Espressif technologies. The first webinar of this new educational series is entitled “Mastering the Basics of Espressif Chips: An In-Depth Look at Chip Flashing”. It will take place on 13 April at 10.00 am CEST and will be broadcast on Espressif’s YouTube Channel. This way, anyone from around the world who is interested in attending will be able to do so. It is recommended that prospective viewers subscribe to our Channel, so that they are notified every time a new video or livestream becomes available.

The first live episode of Espressif’s new educational video series will be presented by Radim Karniš, Espressif’s Software Engineer who specialises in developing open-source tools for IoT devices. For the last couple of years, Radim has been working on esptool, which is a Python-based, open-source, platform-independent utility that communicates with the ROM boot loader of Espressif SoCs, especially those in the popular ESP32 and ESP8266 series. On 13 April, Radim’s presentation will focus on esptool, providing an overview of basic and advanced steps in chip flashing, which is a critical procedure when working with Espressif chips. Attendees will learn how to properly flash Espressif chips, troubleshoot common issues and avoid usual mistakes. After the end of his presentation, Radim will be able to answer any esptool-related questions from the audience. The whole webinar is scheduled to last for one hour.

Espressif Webinars will be hosted and moderated by Pedro Minatel, a Developer Advocate at Espressif Systems. Pedro said about the launching of Espressif’s new educational series: “Following the success of last year’s Espressif DevCon22, which will therefore become an annual tradition, this new series of webinars by Espressif is a continuation of our effort to offer our worldwide audience an in-depth look at the innovative AIoT solutions we work on at Espressif Systems. We are thrilled to inform you that Espressif Webinars will be broadcast regularly, focusing on a different topic each time. During each webinar, our expert engineers will talk about their Espressif projects and will take questions from the audience via the live chat on our YouTube Channel. So, stay tunned!”

Once again, Espressif would like to encourage prospective attendees to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, as this will facilitate their timely notification of all our new videos and livestreams. Espressif Webinars will be launched on 13 April 2023, at 10:00am CEST, with a presentation by Radim Karniš on “Mastering the Basics of Espressif Chips: An In-Depth Look at Chip Flashing”. See you all then!

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