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Elektor Mag: Special Edition Guest-Edited by Espressif

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Dec 29, 2023

We are delighted to be promoting an Espressif guest-edited edition of Elektor Mag, which the latter published recently.

As the new year is fast-approaching, we are delighted to be promoting an Espressif guest-edited edition of Elektor Mag, which the latter published in December 2023. As is well known, Elektor is a great international source of essential electronic engineering information and innovative solutions for engineers, professional makers, startups, and any companies that are seeking to engage them. Elektor helped launch the first electronics-maker movement in the 1960s. Since then, their global electronics-design community has expanded to include hundreds of thousands of active members and more than a thousand contributing experts.

In the words of C. J. Abate (Content Director at Elektor Mag): “Over the course of several months, Elektor’s content team worked closely with Espressif to create in-depth articles about a variety of exciting topics. All the hard work resulted in an Espressif guest-edited edition of Elektor Mag, which we published in early December 2023.”

The above-mentioned bonus edition of Elektor Mag is packed with Espressif projects and tutorials that will keep our readers inspired for months to come. Everyone, be they professional engineers interested in developing AIoT products or makers looking for creative weekend projects, will find in this edition something to be excited about. For example, we offer tips for implementing ChatGPT with Espressif SoCs, a fun Dekatron project, advice for building IoT apps without software expertise, and much more!

Click either on the image above or here to view a video about Elektor Magazine's December/January 2024 edition, guest-edited by Espressif. This video, takes you through the highlights and collaborative efforts that made the above-mentioned edition unique. It also features insights from Espressif's Technical Marketing Manager, Amey Inamdar, and a sneak peek at some of the standout articles and technologies showcased in this issue.

That said, make sure you're at the ready on 01 January 2024, when we send out the special bonus edition of Espressif's newsletter with a promo code that will allow our Newsletter subscribers to purchase Elektor Magazine's December/January 2024 edition, guest-edited by Espressif, for only one euro! Yes, €‎1.00! So, wait no more! Spread the word to anyone who is not already a subscriber to Espressif's newsletter and tell them to hit that "subscribe" button, so that they get this fantastic offer in their inbox!

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