Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution with ESP Mesh

Shanghai, China
Mar 5, 2019

The ESP-MESH Wi-Fi networking technology developed by Espressif brings energy-saving lighting to life. Efficient energy consumption and high stability are not mutually exclusive anymore!

ESP Mesh is a wireless communications network consisting of nodes that distribute data amongst each other. This is also known as mesh topology. This kind of topology prevents signal deterioration, as the nodes communicate directly with each other. Even the one furthest from the router can have a great signal, because it hops around the system until it connects to the strongest node in the vicinity or, in case of a node failure, until it finds a functional node that can replace the failing one. This results in an auto-forming and auto-healing network over a large area that is typically covered by a single Wi-Fi access point. ESP-MESH can encompass up to a thousand nodes, while providing a fairly high bandwidth (around 10 Mbps), which makes it particularly suitable for lighting applications.

Espressif’s ESP-MESH lighting solution contributes to saving a lot of energy, as it is built around the ESP32-MeshKit, which is based on Espressif’s powerful and versatile ESP32 chip. In this smart-lighting solution, ESP32-MeshKit-Lights can be used only whenever necessary, since they can be controlled remotely with a mobile app or a timer, a button (ESP32-MeshKit-Button), a lighting sensor (ESP32-MeshKit-Sense [EN version will be released soon]), or even a passive infrared (PIR) detector which is embedded in the newest development board “ESP32-MeshKit-PIR” that goes with the above-mentioned kit. So, for example, ESP32-MeshKit-PIR makes the lights turn on automatically, when someone enters the room, or turn off when the room gets empty. You can watch a video of this example, here.

Espressif’s smart-lighting solution ensures an easy and secure setup, while guaranteeing low-energy consumption.

ESP32-MeshKit-PIR dev board

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