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Announcing the General Availability of Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink Module

Shanghai, China
Jul 4, 2022

Espressif, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, is proud to announce the general availability of its new connectivity module with built-in support for the AWS IoT ExpressLink specification.

In conjunction with Amazon Web Services’ announcement about the AWS IoT ExpressLink, Espressif Systems (SSE: 688018.SH) is excited to confirm the general availability of its AWS IoT ExpressLink module, ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4-A. This module is based on the ESP32-C3 SoC, which offers Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 5 (LE) connectivity, while also providing any host MCUs with out-of-the-box, seamless, AWS Cloud connectivity. Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module offers a simple serial interface which the host MCU uses to get connected to AWS IoT services, thus transforming any offline product into a Cloud-connected product.

Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink Module handles complex, yet undifferentiated, workload, such as authentication, device management, connectivity, messaging and OTA. The connectivity module includes AWS-validated software, making it faster and easier for customers to securely connect devices to the Cloud and seamlessly integrate a range of AWS services into their devices. Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module comes pre-provisioned with a set of security credentials, which enables customers to offload the complex work of integrating the networking and cryptography layers with the hardware modules. This way, customers can develop secure IoT products in a fraction of the time required up until now, thus lowering development costs and achieving faster time to market.

To facilitate the use of Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink Module even further, we have enabled its Wi-Fi connectivity configuration through mobile devices. This can be easily achieved using Espressif's open-source, unified, provisioning apps, which are available on Android devices via Google Play Store, and on Apple’s iOS devices via App Store.

Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module, ESP32-C3-MINI-1-N4-A, has the ESP32-C3 SoC at its core, which provides a cost-effective connectivity solution with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE 5.0 support. This Espressif SoC ensures secure connectivity with such features as secure boot, flash encryption and an integrated digital signature peripheral. One crucial security feature of ESP32-C3 is the Digital Signature Peripheral module, which provides hardware acceleration for a software-inaccessible secure key that generates RSA signatures for identity verification. Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module utilizes this feature to secure device identity without requiring external hardware security modules.

Furthermore, Espressif offers ESP32-C3-AWS-ExpressLink-DevKit, which hosts Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module, along with a detailed guide on how to get started with both of them. ESP32-C3-AWS-ExpressLink-DevKit can be used with an external host MCU for easy evaluation and prototyping. Both the module and the development kit are available for purchase via Espressif’s official website or via Amazon. In case you already have an Espressif DevKit, our company has made available updated Firmware which can be easily installed on existing modules.

If you are interested in Espressif’s AWS IoT ExpressLink module for building connected products, or if you need more information, please contact our customer support team, who will get back to you as soon as possible.

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