Meet JARM ESP32 from Brazil!

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Aug 28, 2020

SiriNEO Technologies, a Brazilian IoT startup is bringing JARM ESP32 to the market, based on Espressif’s ESP32-WROOM series of modules.

SiriNEO Technologies is a Brazilian startup specialising in IoT connectivity, telecommunications ecosystems, and data analysis. They have created JARM ESP32, which is a hardware micro-platform with the new mechanical format "JARM", developed specifically for projects that demand fast connectivity and low power consumption. JARM ESP32 is based on on Espressif’s ESP32-WROOM series of modules. Naturally, then, JARM ESP32 has all the ESP32-WROOM advantages, e.g. combination of Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth (classic and Low Energy protocols), 8 MB of flash, 64 Mbits of SPI FLASH, plus a UFL antenna on board, etc.


In order to create a piece of equipment which is different from most other ESP32-based development boards on the market, as well as quick and easy-to-use in an IoT sensing system, SiriNEO Technologies has integrated the maximum number of functional sensors into the JARM ESP32 micro-platform. Therefore, with expansion boards, shields and other wireless modules such as LoRaWAN, SIGFOX, GPRS and ZigBEE, JARM ESP32 can offer multiple solutions for a number of IoT systems.

Connection Examples with JARM ESP32

So, you can now build your own solution with the JARM ESP32 IoT micro-platform for a wide variety of application scenarios!

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