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Espressif Announces Klika Tech as an ESP RainMaker® Preferred Integration Partner

Shanghai, China
Mar 4, 2024

Klika Tech as a Preferred ESP RainMaker® Integration Partner will help customers customize the end-to-end platform to suit their unique business requirements and create their own IoT cloud platform with full ownership.

Espressif Systems (688018.SH) is the provider of ESP RainMaker – an IoT platform based on AWS IoT and other AWS services with serverless architecture that allows customers to easily deploy the solution on their own AWS IoT cloud.  

Espressif Systems today announces Klika Tech as an ESP RainMaker Preferred Integration Partner. Klika Tech, with its proven expertise in AWS cloud customization, firmware, web dashboards, mobile apps, voice assistant skill development as well as maintenance of the cloud platform, will make it effortless for customers to create and own customized IoT cloud for their devices with significantly reduced time-to-market and lower cost of ownership. 

Espressif’s ESP RainMaker offers customers a unique IoT platform solution that they can deploy in their own AWS account and customize as per their requirements. ESP RainMaker thus significantly reduces the time-to-market and effort required without compromising on customizability and ownership. As based on AWS Serverless Architecture, ESP RainMaker offers high scalability, pay-as-you-grow pricing, and minimal maintenance. Furthermore, ESP RainMaker solution’s features such as ESP Insights – a remote observability platform and Matter ecosystem support allow customers to stay ahead of the competition. These ESP RainMaker Preferred Integration Partners make it possible for customers to build connected products quickly without requiring engineering investment. 

On joining the ESP RainMaker Preferred Integration Partner program, Klika Tech’s President and Co-CEO, Gennadiy Borisov, says “ESP RainMaker offers all the necessary, core functionality for securely connecting and managing IoT devices allowing companies to focus on creating unique business solutions for their customers, and we are honored to work with Espressif to offer the power of ESP RainMaker to companies globally.”. 

Klika Tech is a global technology solutions and consulting company that specializes in delivering cutting-edge Cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), and embedded systems solutions. Headquartered in the U.S. with locations across North and South America, Europe, and Central Asia, Klika Tech co-creates end-to-end hardware, embedded, and software solutions for wearables, smart home/building/city platforms, connected healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart retail, connected agriculture, asset tracking, automotive, and smart mobility. Klika Tech is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, AWS IoT, AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology, Smart City, and DevOps Competency Partner with multiple AWS Service validations. 

If you are interested in knowing more about ESP RainMaker or would like to connect with Klika Tech, please contact Espressif’s or Klika Tech's customer support team. 

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