Espressif’s Series of Blogposts About Matter

Shanghai, China
Dec 29, 2021

As excitement about the Matter standard continues to increase, our engineers have put together a series of blogposts discussing various aspects of it.

Matter, formerly known as Connected Home over IP (CHIP), is an industry-unifying standard that offers reliable and secure connectivity for home-automation projects. Established in 2019, Matter is guided by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, whose ultimate aim is to achieve interoperability among smart-home devices and IoT platforms from different providers. As excitement about the Matter standard continues to build up, our engineers have put together a series of blogposts examining various aspects of Matter. Below you can find a list of the articles that have been published so far, along with a short description of the topics they cover.

What does Matter mean to you?” In this blogpost we take a closer look at the most important elements of Matter from the perspective of device makers, developers and users. The article talks about how Matter offers a seamless integration across all devices, including iOS/Android and voice-assistants.

Matter: Clusters, Attributes, Commands”. This blogpost examines the Matter Data Model, which defines the elements that make up a typical Matter node. In fact, this is the model with which device makers design the capabilities of their smart device, based on Matter.

Matter: Device-to-Device Automation”. This article focuses on device-to-device communication within Matter, and how such a communication is realized without any Cloud or phone-app intervention.

Matter: Bridge for non-Matter Devices”. What happens to existing devices that are not IP-based? Can they be part of the Matter ecosystem? Yes, they can, and this article talks about the Matter Bridge, which enables this.

Companies from across the industry are constantly contributing market-proven technologies and best practices to Matter. As CSA members come together to transform the future of connectivity, Espressif’s engineers will continue to analyse the benefits of Matter. So, watch this space for more updates on the issue.

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