Mini Dishwasher Powered by ESP32

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Nov 1, 2018

You can now pre-order “Bob”, Daan.Tech’s new, digital, mini dishwasher that has been built around Espressif’s powerful ESP32-WROOM-32 module.

Daan.Tech is a start-up founded by two French developers,  Damian Py and Antoine Fichet. It was during their studies  in Paris, where the two men had the idea of creating “​​Bob”, in order to get rid of having to wash their dishes manually.   “During my studies, I could not afford having a dishwasher and I hated doing the dishes,” says Antoine Fichet. Damian Py could not sympathize more, adding that their novel dishwasher “is intended for people who live in small spaces, where the installation of a standard device is impossible”.

“Bob” needs only twenty minutes to wash and dry dishes and cutlery used daily by one or two people. Using the device is very easy anywhere, since connecting it to a water supply is not necessary. To start a washing cycle, the user needs to simply fill in the container with only three liters of water. Apparently, the duo who created “Bob” took environmental issues really seriously. “Bob” is the first dishwasher to consume just three liters of water, which is five times less than a standard hand wash. Additionally, the powerful ESP32 technology is integrated in this low-energy product which consumes only 0.35 kWh per cycle. 


Antoine Fichet and Damian Py created four prototypes before finalizing their design. Currently, they are in the process of releasing their product which features the Cavitation WashTM technology. This relies on powerful ultrasonic waves and, therefore, achieves deep cleaning. The device is hardly any bigger than a microwave oven, but its clever design allows for optimal use of the available space. At the same time, “Bob” weighs only 10 kgs and its integrated handle makes it  highly portable. .

The first official presentation of “Bob, the dishwasher”, took place last month at the 2018 Paris Expo in the presence of Mr. Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State in charge of digital technology. At the 2018 Paris Expo, “Bob” won the second prize for innovative products launched by start-up companies. 

You can pre-order “Bob, the dishwasher” now and get advantage of the early-bird discount by clicking on here. The product will be available from summer 2019 onwards.


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