MorphESP 240: A New ESP32-S2 Board by Morpheans

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Jan 26, 2021

Morpheans, a French startup, have built an exciting ESP32-S2-powered dev board for education and innovation.

Whether you are a student, a maker, or a product designer, MorphESP 240 provides an affordable, versatile, fully-integrated platform with Wi-Fi connectivity. The world of possible applications for MorphESP 240 includes IoT gateways, sensor networks, test and measurement equipment, wireless input devices, radio communication platforms, media streaming appliances, imaging technologies, and prototyping projects for just about anything.

MorphESP 240 is an easy-to-use dev board that is compatible with Arduino and CircuitPython. It is based on ESP32-S2 and comes with a built-in, high-resolution, IPS-color display in a 20 g, 89 × 28 × 6 mm package.


  • An ESP32-S2-WROOM with:
      • A 240 MHz single-core microcontroller
      • 128 KB of ROM
      • 320 KB of SRAM
      • 802.11 b/g/n/ 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • An on-board, SPI-driven, 240 × 240 pixel ST7789 display
  • A classic, multi-color WS2812B RGB LED
  • A built-in, JST-connected battery with a USB charging module
  • A 5 V to 3.3 V regulator to feed additional modules
  • Plenty of GPIOs to play with

MorphESP 240 Pinout

Open-Source Hardware

MorphESP 240 is totally open-source. By clicking on the following hyperlinks, you can find the relevant schematics, the KiCAD project source, and the DXF, STL, and Solidworks files you will need if you want to lasercut or 3D print yourself an enclosure. You can even fabricate your own dev shield, if you like!

Develop with CircuitPython or Arduino

MorphESP 240 is fully compatible with both Arduino and CircuitPython, so you can take advantage of (and contribute to) the collective work of C++ and Python developers around the world. Whether you are learning or creating, you will be able to reuse thousands of pre-made tools and libraries with very little adaptation.

To get all the details about MorphESP 240, you can visit Morpheans’ campaign on or watch a video demonstration on YouTube.

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