Espressif Collaborates with PlatformIO Labs

Shanghai, China
Jul 3, 2022

The two companies begin a wide-ranging partnership in providing a next-generation development ecosystem for IoT solutions.

PlatformIO is a next-generation, collaborative, open-source platform for embedded development, created by PlatformIO Labs. With its unrivalled embedded-tools architecture, PlatformIO increases productivity significantly by simplifying the creation and maintenance of product software.

PlatformIO Labs’ Technology-as-a-Service offers developers cross-platform and feature-rich instruments that deliver a superior developer experience. PlatformIO Labs’ modular architecture enables developers to access a best-of-breed, integrated, development environment by combining their favorite editor with a range of operating systems, frameworks, and SDKs. This way, developers can enjoy the simplified way in which PlatformIO’s powerful features speed up the creation and delivery of embedded products. All this renders PlatformIO a great complement to Espressif’s ecosystem.

Additionally, PlatformIO Labs’ Trusted Package Registry provides Espressif Systems with a powerful turn-key storage solution. This has been developed for convenient and flexible package management with built-in, fine-grained, access control. Therefore, PlatformIO Labs’ Trusted Package Registry will enhance Espressif’s effectiveness in delivering pre-built packages to developers, teams, and hardware manufacturers worldwide, via a secure and reliable distribution channel at scale.

On the occasion of Espressif’s collaboration with PlatformIO Labs, Ivan Grokhotkov, Espressif’s VP of Software Platforms, said: “PlatformIO Labs is a well-known expert in the development environment solutions for the embedded systems industry, with a deep commitment to the open-source community. We are excited to welcome PlatformIO Labs as our partner. Together with our own IoT operating system, ESP-IDF, we look forward to providing more choices to developers, and creating a better user experience for them.”

In response, Ivan Kravets, PlatformIO Labs’ Founder and CEO, said: “We are pleased to take part in the evolution of Espressif Systems’ ecosystem, and bring powerful embedded software development tools to their customers and developers. By working closely together with Espressif Systems on integrating their products, we can further drive the industry to create improved open-source IoT solutions for consumers.”

This partnership reaffirms PlatformIO Labs’ long-standing commitment to driving innovations through open-source collaborations. Besides, in recent years PlatformIO Labs has made significant progress towards establishing its development ecosystem as the future de facto standard for embedded development. Moreover, it is truly serendipitous that Espressif’s collaboration with PlatformIO Labs has coincided with the major release of PlatformIO Core, which comes with a unified Package Management CLI and a new generation of PlatformIO Unit Testing solution that brings advanced instruments and new opportunities for test-driven embedded development. You can find here all the details about it.

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