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Espressif Launches Certificate Generation and Pre-provisioning Services for Matter-Compatible Devices

Shanghai, China
Dec 7, 2022

These services are available for all Espressif SoCs supporting the Matter protocol, and reduce manufacturing complexities while also safeguarding CSA standards.

Espressif Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SSE: 688018.SH) is pleased to announce a new set of services regarding the certificate generation and pre-provisioning of Matter-compatible devices. These services will reduce the complexity in the manufacturing of Matter-compatible devices, while meeting the requirements specified by Connectivity Standards Alliance for Matter PKI certification.

The Matter protocol brings significant value to device makers and consumers, providing interoperable and secure smart-home devices. But the requirements to have each device programmed with a unique PKI certificate signed by an authorized entity increases the manufacturing complexity and cost. Espressif, as a comprehensive solution provider within the Matter eco-system, addresses this problem by providing manufacturing services that focus on security and compliance.

On this occasion, Amey Inamdar, the Director of Technical Marketing at Espressif Systems, has said: “While supporting the rationale behind all the detailed requirements of the secured-provisioning and manufacturing process relating to device certificates for Matter, we realized that we can help resolve the resulting complexity for our customers. Since Espressif is always committed to offering simple solutions to customers, we decided to provide this special Certificate Generation and Pre-provisioning service. We believe that this service will overcome any complications in the manufacturing process of Matter-compatible devices for our customers.”

Furthermore, it must be noted that Espressif’s pre-provisioning service for Matter-compatible devices enables customers with various different needs to proceed with a simple, yet officially certified, manufacturing process. For example, customers who require simple manufacturing can order the modules that are already programmed with the PKI certificates and meet the requirements of Matter’s Device Attestation Certificate (DAC). This, when coupled with Espressif’s module pre-programming service, helps customers to make only minor adjustments to their manufacturing setups and, therefore, ease the complexities of managing securely their manufacturing line.

Additionally, there are customers who wish to have their own Matter-compatible device manufacturing but do not want to undergo the hassle of developing their own solution or adding the costs of compliance requirements for certificate generation. For such customers, Espressif offers a private setup of the module provisioning, paired with a Cloud backend which delivers the certificates remotely and securely.

Finally, for customers who want to upgrade any devices already deployed in the field and make them compliant with the Matter protocol, Espressif provides a Cloud-based DAC-Generation Service. This service utilizes Cloud APIs for secure DAC generation and delivery, which the customers can use to upgrade remotely through OTA any devices that are already deployed in the field.

The above-mentioned services are available for all Espressif SoCs supporting the Matter protocol, including ESP32, ESP32-C3, ESP32-C2, ESP32-H2 and ESP32-S3.

For further information on Espressif’s Matter-compatible device certificate generation and pre-provisioning services, please contact our customer support team now. Espressif is known for its thorough customer support that covers all the way from design to certification and manufacturing.

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