New Color Display for ESP32 by Wireless-Tag Technology Co. Ltd

Shanghai, China
Jul 28, 2020

WT-32-SC01 is an ESP32-based development board with a touch screen, which has recently been launched by Wireless-Tag Technology Co. Ltd.

Many independent makers use monochrome displays in their projects, due to limited MCU resources among other issues, as maker Chen Liang has put it in an article on However, ESP32 has been a game changer in this regard, as well as in many others. With its much faster processing power (240 MHz on a dual core), greater RAM (over 200 KB) and increased flash (4 MB), ESP32, compared to other MCUs, is capable of processing full-colour high-resolution images, as well as such RAM-consuming processes as JPEG decoding.

Based on these advantages of ESP32, Wireless-Tag, a Shenzhen-based IoT company, has just released WT-32-SC01, which is an ESP32-based development board with a touch screen. WT-32-SC01 enhances the performance of the ESP32 module with a 3.5-inch color screen that can be seamlessly integrated with ESP32. The supporting touch screen application, then, makes the user experience totally smooth and hassle-free. The WT-32-SC01 board is equipped with a graphical user interface (GUI) which supports drag-and-drop programming and helps users develop a customized control platform. Developers can also customize the use of such functions as button operation, voice control, and camera operation, through the expansion interfaces on both sides of the development board, which greatly shortens the user's development cycle. WT-32-SC01 can be used in smart home appliances such as thermostats, camera-operated garage doors, water heaters, ovens, etc.

The LCD of WT-32-SC01 has a high image density and operates at 3.3 V, which is the same operating voltage as that of ESP32. Based on the IoT power of ESP32, then, WT-32-SC01 is the newest solution for product developers, algorithm developers, and sensor data enthusiasts who want to add a well-integrated color display to their ESP32 project.

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