FlyinDiamonds: Light Show Controller Based on ESP32

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Jun 29, 2023

FlyinDiamonds, a drone startup based in Brno, Czechia, has recently released a light-show controller based on ESP32.

FlyinDiamonds is a startup company based in Brno, Czechia, which specialises in drones. More specifically, they design, create and perform light shows powered by drones, which they consider the fireworks of the future! As they themselves say: “Our goal is to tell enchanting stories by using drones”.

FlyinDiamonds’ solutions are based on control software and drone manufacturing, which then enable the creation of state-of-the-art light shows. The light shows are created by the synchronized flight of a group of drones, which can produce almost any moving shape, sign and symbol, in any colour. Such light shows can be complemented by music and other light effects. The whole solution creates a spectacular show that anyone can admire in the night sky. Additionally, light shows using drones have several advantages over traditional fireworks. They do not pollute the environment, they do not cause fires and, due to their low noise-level, they are truly animal-friendly.

More specifically, the Light Show Controller by FlyinDiamonds is a powerful control unit built on ESP32, which allows for independently controlling and synchronizing multiple drones. Designed to control the Pixhawk platform (ArduPilot and PX4), the Light Show Controller is mainly for professional use, but it is also perfect for developers and educators alike.

The Light Show Controller enables prearranged synchronised flights for multiple drones, also called “missions”. The instructions for such missions are created by the Show Designer, which the Light Show Controller transforms into flight commands. These commands are then transmitted via Mavlink to the connected control unit which executes them independently. The Light Show Controller ensures perfect drone synchronisation when executing the flight commands, as it receives RTK GNSS messages or commands directly from the Ground Controll Software.

Light Show Controller Features:

    • Brightness: 16 million colours, 900 lm RGB light board
    • Communication: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi up to 200m
    • Additional port for telemetry radio
    • Proprietary Wi-Fi Bridge protocol (high precision GNSS RTK, Telemetry and mission control)
    • ArduPilot compatibility
    • Power supply range: 3-6s
    • Smart battery voltage monitoring
    • Voltage and current protection
    • Flight controller: 5V power supply (max 1A with continuous current)
    • Dimensions: 50x50x3 mm
    • Weight: 25 g
    • Interfaces: Wi-Fi, micro USB, 2x UART 

To learn more about the Light Show Controller, click here. To learn more about ESP32, the heart of the Light Show Controller and millions of other applications, click here. To order ESP32 or any other Espressif products, click here.

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