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Mongoose OS Introduces ESP32-based IoT Starter Kits

Oct 30, 2017

Mongoose OS, an Operating System for connected products and Internet-of-Things applications, provides the ESP community with an easy way to develop their connected products in JavaScript or C.

Mongoose OS, a secure operating system for connected devices, which is a third-party platform officially recommended by Espressif Systems, has released ESP32-based kits for Google Cloud IoT Core and AWS IoT.

1) Mongoose OS ESP32-HUZZAH32-based IoT Starter Kit for Google Cloud IoT Core

This Google-recommended IoT Starter Kit provides a quick and easy way to start IoT development on ESP32. It includes: the Adafruit HUZZAH32 Board, a Motion Sensor, Door Sensor, Temperature-Humidity Sensor, Light Sensor, Piezo Buzzer, Micro Servo, LEDs and easy-to-follow tutorials on how get it up and running with Google Cloud IoT Core in just few minutes.

2) Mongoose OS ESP32-DevKitC IoT Starter Kit for AWS IoT

This AWS-recommended IoT Starter Kit enables you to move quickly from your idea to prototype. It was created to accelerate the cloud-powered prototype development of connected devices, while ensuring a secure connection to AWS IoT. 

This kit includes the ESP32-DevKitC development board, and comes with Mongoose OS and simple getting-started tutorials on the IoT button and Smart Heater.

The Mongoose OS benefits include:

  • Quick-and-easy setup process (in less than 5 minutes), outstanding experience of the MOS UI tool;
  • Development in JavaScript or C;
  • Over-The-Air updates and remote management;
  • Built-in flash encryption and optimized TLS for small memory footprint;
  • A device management dashboard for tracking your fleet;
  • Ready-to-go enterprise solutions, applications and libraries;
  • Built-in support for: AWS IoT, Google IoT Core, Microsoft Azure, Samsung Artik Cloud, Adafruit IO, Generic MQTT/Restful;
  • Widespread availability under open-source GPLv2 and Commercial licenses.

On this note, Sergey Lyubka, CTO and Co-Founder at Cesanta, has commented: “Mongoose OS was created as a result of multiple firmware development projects where the following issues were observed: 

    • Each project needed to start from scratch. 
    • Only about 10-20% of the time was spent on the actual product-specific logic, while the rest was about generic infrastructure, such as configuration, OTA, etc. 

We refactored those generic pieces that took up to 90% of firmware development time into a reusable set of components. The result is what we called Mongoose OS. By working with Google Cloud IoT Core, AWS IoT and other key IoT-cloud players, Mongoose OS streamlines connected product development and provides a ready-to-go integration for ESP chips.”

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