Fantastic Offer by ESP32-based Platform Obniz

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Jul 28, 2020

obnizOS is now available to one device per account for free!

Nearly a year ago, Japanese IoT company Cambrian Robotics Inc. released the obniz development board, operating system and cloud services, based on Espsressif’s ESP32-WROOM-32. ObnizOS is the specific software that runs on the obniz development board, enabling its operation via APIs over the obniz cloud. ObnizOS can be installed and used on devices equipped with ESP32 and configured according to ESP32-WROOM-32. obnizOS is now available to one device per account for free.

obnizOS Features

  • Remote control via IO/Peripheral/BLE cloud
  • Constant two-way communication with the obniz cloud
  • TLS1.2 encryption and server authentication in the communication channel
  • Device authentication using public key authentication
  • Mechanisms for getting online all the time, including ping and WDT
  • Internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Prepared network configuration features (serial communication or softAP)
  • Proxies and static IPs, with the ability to connect to stealth SSIDs
  • Own OTA

The obniz development board is cloud-connected, based on ESP32, and can be controlled with APIs, e.g. the REST or WebSocket API, over the obniz cloud. Obniz APIs can be used in JavaScript and run as a program on a webpage, due to the easy-to-use obniz.js library.

In fact, with obniz, it is easy to make any hardware project that users can think of! They can simply connect motors or sensors to an obniz development board and then program it over the Internet. No application or firmware flashing is required. Users can program their obniz board from their computer or smartphone.

Additionally, the obniz developer console has an online editor. There is no need to set up a development environment and, therefore, users can create and run their program right away.

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