PlatformIO Support for ESP-IDF v4.1

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Sep 30, 2020 has recently announced full support for Espressif Systems’ ESP-IDF v4.1 has recently announced its updated support for a new release (v4.1) of ESP-IDF, together with the new version, v2.0.0, of PlatformIO’s Espressif32 development platform.

ESP-IDF v4.1, which contains an update to ESP-IDF v4.0, will be supported until February 2023 in accordance with the ESP-IDF Support Policy.

Major enhancements in v4.1 include:

    • Wi-Fi: Added Simultaneous-Authentication-of-Equals (SAE) support for the Wi-Fi Protected Access 3-Personal protocol (WPA3-Personal), which uses a 128-bit encryption key.
    • New Python-based menuconfig tool
    • Networking: Added a new esp_netif API for managing network interfaces, which replaces the now obsolete tcpip_adapter.
    • Classic Bluetooth: Added support for Hands-Free Profile (HFP) Audio Gateway (AG)
    • DTLS support in libcoap, using mbedTLS (#3977)
    • Preview support for the ESP32-S2 Beta SoC. This support will be replaced with the ESP32-S2 SoC support in ESP-IDF v4.2. The ESP32-S2 Beta firmware is not compatible with the ESP32-S2 production SoC, and not all features are supported.

What is new in PlatformIO’s Espressif32 development platform?

    • Updated toolchains for the latest esp-2020r2
    • Fixed a broken first-time library installation with ESP-IDF
    • Fixed the improper compilation of embedded files
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements

Using PlatformIO and its professional One-Click solutions (i.e. PIO Unified Debugger, and PIO Unit Testing) has the benefit of not depending on any third-party tools or build systems. Everything works out-of-the-box, since it is based on well-known operating systems (e.g. Windows, macOS, and Linux), along with more than ten popular IDEs.

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