• ESP32-LyraT

    An open-source development board,

    supporting Espressif Systems’ ADF

    and featuring voice wake-up,

    a wake-up button and an audio player.

    Designed for smart speakers and

    smart-home applications.


Hardware Characteristics

ESP32-LyraT is an open-source development board for Espressif Systems’ Audio Development Framework (ADF). It is designed for smart speakers and smart-home applications.  The dev board consists  of the ESP32-WROVER-B module, a Micro SD card, expansion interfaces, touch buttons and several function keys.

Wide Applicability

With a great variety of voice commands, interactive voice functions and a rich peripheral set, ESP32-LyraT allows the fast development of applications relating to consumer electronics, wearables, smart home and industrial automation. 

Excellent Performance

It facilitates the quick and easy development of dual-mode (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi) audio solutions , also supporting  one-key  Wi-Fi configuration, a wake-up button, voice wake-up, voice recognition, cloud platform access, and an audio player.