• Espressif SDK

    Want to get the best out of our awesome wireless chipsets?
    The royalty-free Espressif SDK (Software Development Kit) is
    packed with drivers and code samples that will get you up
    and running in a matter of hours!


The Espressif SDK is a bundle of utilities and device-level APIs for our ESP8266, ESP32 and ESP32-S2 series of wireless chipsets. Optimized precompiled libraries and ready-to-compile driver libraries reduce time to market, while ensuring freedom of customization. Our SDKs compile with the free-to-use Xtensa GCC toolchain.

SDK Features

  • - Effective APIs for networking functions
  • - Encryption schemes supported for secure communication
  • - Extensively optimized libraries for compact and high-performance code
  • - Drivers for hardware peripherals
  • - Project templates and example projects

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