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The ESP32 chip will be the heart of most of the projects we are going to build in the near future, because it offers everything we need in one low cost solution! This chip is Dual Core! It offers two 32Bit Processing Units. One is responsible for the WiFi connectivity and the other one is available for executing our code! The typical frequency of the CPU cores is 160MHz which is double than the operating frequency of the ESP8266.


乐鑫物联网开发框架 ESP-IDF 开发入门

ESP-IDF 是乐鑫官方的物联网开发框架,适用于 ESP32、ESP32-S、ESP32-C 和 ESP32-H 系列 SoC。它基于 C/C++ 语言提供了一个自给自足的 SDK,方便用户在这些平台上开发通用应用程序。ESP-IDF 目前已服务支持数以亿计的物联网设备,并已开发构建了多种物联网产品。在本次课程中,乐鑫工程师为您详细介绍了 ESP-IDF,并协助您搭建开发环境。


ESP32 Simplified: Control Your Home Over the Internet

A book for the novice or seasoned electronics hobbyist who wants to learn about the Internet of Things. The book focusses on the ESP32 a powerfull and very popular and cheap micro-controller that offers many connections to sensors and has an open source programming environment. Combined these features make the ESP32 ideal for home automation.


Arduino Sketch for ESP32 Development Workshop

This book is designed to help readers to get started with Arduino development with Sketch program on ESP32 boards. You will learn the following topics in this book:

* Preparing Development Environment

* Sketch Programming

* Working with UART- Serial Communication

* Working with Analog Input and PWM

* Working with SPI

* Working with I2C

* ESP32 WiFi Networking and IoT Application

* Working with EEPROM



Tujuan dari buku ini adalah untuk memberikan pengantar singkat pengguanaan IoT perangkat keras-board ESP32.



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