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Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for ESP32 and ESP32-S2.

Documentation and Getting Started Guide.

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RTOS SDK V4.2.1 2021.05.03
Flash Download Tools
Windows PC V3.8.7 2021.04.29
ESP8266 RTOS SDK (IDF Style)

ESP8266 RTOS SDK in ESP-IDF style.

RTOS SDK V3.1.1 2020.03.24
NON-OS SDK V3.0.2 2020.03.24
ESP8266 NONOS SDK V3.0.0

iRAM can be used as memory, thus saving about 17KB memory for user application.

NON-OS SDK V3.0.0 2018.08.24
ESP32&ESP8266&ESP32S2 RF Performance Test Demonstration

This guide demonstrates how to run an RF related performance test and certification test using an RF tester to check an ESP32 / ESP8266 based product, either functioning as a standalone controller or an integrated part of MCU.

ZIP V2.5 2020.07.15
ESP8266 NONOS SDK V2.2.1

ESP8266 non-OS SDK V2.2.1

NON-OS SDK V2.2.1 2018.06.08
ESP8266 NONOS SDK V2.1.0 20170505

ESP8266 Non OS SDK V2.1.0.

NON-OS SDK V2.1.0 2017.05.05
ESP32-PICO-D4 AT Bin (Latest)
Bin V2.1 2020.07.29
ESP32-SOLO AT Bin (Latest)
Bin V2.1 2020.07.29
ESP32-WROVER AT Bin (Latest)
Bin V2.1 2020.07.29
ESP32-WROOM-32 AT Bin (Latest)
Bin V2.1 2020.07.29
ESP8266 IDF AT Bin (Latest)
Bin V2.1 2020.07.29
ESP32-S2 AT Bin (Latest)
Bin V2.1 2020.08.21
ESP8266 NONOS SDK V2.0.0 20160810

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V2.0.0_16_08_10 Release Notes

1. Changed the license of some source files to espressif MIT.
2. Updated libphy.a to 1055, fixed an issue of large current in Light-sleep.
3. Updated AT+ to 1.3.0:
   3.1 Added Light-sleep wakeup command, AT+WAKEUPGPIO;
   3.2 Fixed abnormal AT+CWDHCPS IP allocation;
   3.3 Added at_sdio demo under example directory.
4. Fixed probable system default when calling cur and def interfaces.
5. Fixed the issue of high current in Deep-sleep mode without disabling SPI first.
6. Fixed an issue where the SDK would crash when switching from AP to Station mode by calling wifi_set_phy_mode.
7. Updated secondary boot loader to v1.6:
   7.1 Supports AT + based on SDIO;
   7.2 Supports entering testing mode through GPIO.
8. Added support for MXIC Flash QIO mode.
9. Fixed exception caused during TCP handshake and retransmission.
10. Fixed issues in ESP-NOW.
11. Added ESP-PAIR (Simple-Pair) feature, for APIs please refer to ESP8266 SDK API Guide.
12. wpa2-enterprise time function derivation and time check disable can be set by users.
13. Support for PEAP/TTLS in wpa2-enterprise, for APIs please refer to ESP8266 SDK API Guide.
14. Added mqtt demos under examples directory.
15. Other issue fixes.
16. Resolved an issue that RF_Init_data sector may be broken in stress test. Provided a function user_rf_cal_sector_set which has to be added in application by software developer. More details about user_rf_cal_sector_set refer to documentation "2C-ESP8266__SDK__API Guide". (Resolved in ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.4.1) 
17. Fix a potential risk that will cause rf not work after external reset. (Resolved in ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.4.1)
18. Add SDIO AT support. (Resolved in ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.4.1)
19. Fix a potential bug in espconn. (Resolved in ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.4.1)

ESP8266_NONOS_SDK Notes:

1. esp_init_data.bin has to be downloaded into flash at least once.
2. Download blank.bin to initialize the sector stored RF_CAL parameter (set by user_rf_cal_sector_set), and download esp_init_data.bin into flash, when the system needs to be initialized, or RF needs to be calibrated again.

AT Notes:

1. Since the release of ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.0, AT firmware is too large to use 4Mbit flash. Please choose flash with at least 8Mbit capacity. 
2. Firmware upgrade over-the-air process is changed a bit. We will upgrade the latest AT firmware to Espressif Cloud server only after it has been tested and the overall performance is guaranteed.Users may not be able to use AT+CIUPDATE in ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.0 and other more advanced versions.
NON-OS SDK V2.0.0 2016.08.10

More information on GitHub

Development projects are freely distributed under Espressif's MIT license on GitHub.