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ESP RF Test Tool and Test Guide

Quickly get the Espressif RF performance test tooltest firmwaretest guide and certification test guide for ESP32 seriesESP32-C3 seriesESP32-S2 seriesESP32-S3 seriesESP8285 series and ESP8266 series product.

ZIP V2.8 2021.06.29
ESP-BluFi for Android

Configure BluFi device

Android v1.5.3 2020.03.26
ESP-BluFi for iOS

BluFi for iOS

IOS v1.2.0 2020.07.19
ESP-Drone for Android
Android v1.0.0 2020.07.14
ESP-Drone for iOS
IOS v1.0.1 2020.07.20

Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for ESP32 and ESP32-S2.

Documentation and Getting Started Guide.

See also: https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf/releases

RTOS SDK V4.3 2021.06.15
ESP-Launcher Data Send and Receive Operation Power Consumption Tests

The power consumption of the ESP8266 depends on the PHY mode employed for sending or receiving data. In power critical applications, it is important to balance the average or burst data transfer rate as well as overall power consumption of the system.This test demonstration is intended to demonstrate the results of various power consumption tests on the ESP8266. Based on this guide, users can choose the appropriate PHY mode and data transmission scheme for their application.

ZIP V1.0 2016.10.10
ESP-MESH for Android

Android App for ESP-MESH Smart Light

Android v1.2.3 2020.05.29
IOS v1.1.1 2019.12.20
ESP-TOUCH for Android

Make device connect to AP

Android v2.0.0 2021.02.08


IOS v2.0.0 2020.04.20
ESP-WROOM-32 AT Bin V0.10

This is the first release of ESP32 AT firmware, which supports AT commands through UART. 

Please note that only Wi-Fi related functions are supported in this version. BLE-related functions will be supported in future release.

Bin V0.10 2017.06.14
ESP-WROOM-32 AT Bin V1.0

Release note: https://github.com/espressif/esp32-at/releases

Bin V1.0.0 2017.11.17
ESP32-PICO-D4 AT Bin (Latest)
Bin V2.1 2020.07.29
ESP32-PICO-D4 AT Bin V2.0
Bin V2.0 2019.11.05

More information on GitHub

Development projects are freely distributed under Espressif's MIT license on GitHub.