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ESP-WROVER-KIT Getting Started Guide

The getting started guide for ESP-WROVER-KIT.

HTML latest 2017.07.27
ESP32-DevKitS(-R) User Guide

This user guide provides information on ESP32-DevKitS(-R), an ESP32-based flashing board produced by Espressif. ESP32-DevKitS(-R) is a combination of two board names: ESP32-DevKitS and ESP32-DevKitS-R. S stands for springs, and R stands for WROVER.

HTML latest 2020.03.20
ESP32 Flash Encryption Guide

This document introduces the flash encryption feature of ESP32.

HTML latest 2017.07.27
ESP32-S2-Saola-1 User Guide

This user guide provides information on ESP32-S2-Saola-1, a small-sized ESP32-S2 based development board produced by Espressif.

HTML latest 2020.03.27
ESP32-DevKitC Getting Started Guide

The getting started guide for the ESP32-DevKitC development board.

HTML latest 2017.07.28
ESP-IDF Getting Started Guide

This document is the ESP-IDF getting started guide.

HTML latest 2017.07.28
Espressif Audio Development Guide

This is the documentation for Espressif Audio Development Framework (ADF).

HTML latest 2020.03.28
ESP32-Ethernet-Kit Getting Started Guide

This guide shows how to get started with the ESP32-Ethernet-Kit development board and also provides information about its functionality and configuration options.

HTML latest 2019.08.28
JTAG Debugging for ESP32

This document provides a guide to installing OpenOCD for ESP32 and debugging using GDB.

HTML latest 2017.08.02
ESP-WIFI-MESH Development Guide

ESP-MDF, or Espressif Mesh Development Framework, is a development framework for ESP-WIFI-MESH, a networking protocol built on top of the Wi-Fi protocol. ESP-MDF is based on the ESP32 chip.

HTML latest 2020.03.28
ESP-WHO Face Recognition Development Guide

ESP-WHO is a face detection and recognition platform that is currently based on Espressif Systems' ESP32 chip.

HTML latest 2020.03.28
ESP-TOUCH for Android Code

Make device connect to AP

Android latest 2015.09.06
Espressif IoT Solution Development Guide

This is a IoT solution development guide.

HTML latest 2020.03.28


IOS latest 2015.09.06
ESP32-PICO-KIT Getting Started Guide

This user guide shows how to get started with the ESP32-PICO-KIT V4 mini development board. 

HTML latest 2017.12.26

More information on GitHub

Development projects are freely distributed under Espressif's MIT license on GitHub.