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WakeNet Introduction
HTML latest 2019.11.25
Test Fixture Manufacturing Instruction

This document provides instructions on the manufacturing of the test fixtures for Espressif's Wi-Fi modules, in an effort to avoid problems caused by the lack of standardized fixtures during the module production and testing.

PDF V1.1 2019.01.07
TCP/UDP UART Passthrough Test Demonstration

The UART passthrough mode has been provided with the AT firmware to facilitate sending of data blocks of large size and for continuous transmission of small packets of data. In the passthrough mode, the data sent by the main application processor is directly forwarded to the target networking device via a TCP or UDP connection. Here, the ESP8266 AT firmware handles the networking tasks involved. This guide is intended to help users run TCP & UDP passthrough test on the ESP8266 IOT Platform quickly to evaluate the feature with various networking configurations of the ESP8266.

ZIP V1.0 2016.10.10
Simple-Pair User Guide

This document introduces the Simple-Pair technology developed by Espressif. The document focuses on Simple-Pair features, their uses and the demo code.

PDF V1.0 2016.07.20

The document outlines how PROGMEM may be used to save RAM on the ESP8266EX when using the Arduino IDE.

PDF V1.0 2017.03.22
Notification for iOS IPA

APNs demo for iOS

IOS latest 2015.09.11
Notification for iOS Code

APNs demo for iOS

IOS latest 2015.09.11
Jump Test of ESP8266's Secondary Bootloader (v1.6+)

This document introduces the jump test of ESP8266's secondary bootloader (V1.6+).

PDF V2.0 2017.05.09
JTAG Debugging for ESP32

This document provides a guide to installing OpenOCD for ESP32 and debugging using GDB.

HTML latest 2017.08.02
Geolocating with ESP8266

This documents introduces how to obtain a device location with ESP8266.

PDF V1.11 2019.03.08
Flash Download Tools (ESP8266 & ESP32 & ESP32-S2)
Windows PC V3.8.5 2020.04.26
Espressif's Chip-Packing Information

This document summarizes the packing requirements of Espressif’s chip products, including the packing method, packing-material dimensions, standard packing quantity, labels, dry-packing requirements and marking conventions.

PDF V1.3 2018.07.30
Espressif Products 
Ordering Information

Espressif Products
 Ordering Information.

PDF V3.9 2020.06.12
Espressif Production Testing Guide

This guide mainly describes the production testing schemes available for Espressif Wi-Fi products (Wi-Fi module/Chip Onboard), thus providing reference for the production testing of customer products.

PDF V1.1 2020.06.24
Espressif IoT Solution Development Guide

This is a IoT solution development guide.

HTML latest 2020.03.28

More information on GitHub

Development projects are freely distributed under Espressif's MIT license on GitHub.